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Romeo and Juliet - In what way does Baz Luhrman make Act 1 scene 5 more appealing to a teenage audience?

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Samantha Young Romeo and Juliet In what way does Baz Luhrman make Act 1 scene 5 more appealing to a teenage audience? Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare in 1595. Later Baz Luhrham produced the film in 1997. The play is about two families, the Capulets and the Montagues. The two families are very different and dislike each other. We then meet two teenage children, Romeo - a Montague and Juliet - a Capulet. Romeo and Juliet meet at a party and fall in love at first sight. They decide to get married disobeying both their parents. Juliet's parents are marrying her to Paris the next day, so Juliet drinks a sleeping potion. Romeo thinks she is dead as does everyone else, and kills himself. Juliet wakes up to Romeo lying next to her dead, she then kills herself. Shakespeare's play and Baz Luhrman's film have the same messages and feelings of love being more powerful than prejudice, rules and hatred. This comes across at many different points in Romeo and Juliet. The emotion of love at first sight is very strong and significant. An example of this is shown when Romeo declares his sudden affection for Juliet. ...read more.


This is because of the language they use, music, location, their facial expressions and even their clothing. We also notice a difference in the way Romeo describes Rosaline and Juliet, for example, his use of religious imagery describes Juliet as a holy shrine and indicates a move towards a more spiritual consideration of love. Romeo and Juliet is set in the gangs and gun culture of Verona beach. It was filmed in Mexico City. Baz Luhrman picked Mexico City because it could have represented anywhere in the world. It also looks realistic and is a religious city. Act 1 scene 5 is set at the Capulet's house, where they are having a party. From seeing the house we can already tell a lot about them. The house is huge, modern and full of gold expensive objects. By this we can see that they must be a very wealthy family. There is loud music and disco lights. Then the setting changes into the toilets. There is a fish tank separating the toilets. Romeo and Juliet are on either side and then spot each other. We then are taken back into the party, where they meet for the first time and kiss. Baz Luhrman picked a good choice of actors and actresses for his adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. ...read more.


This is less direct but effective, especially for teenagers as they want more action than long speeches. Luhrman could show speech in visual, this means there was no point in using some parts of William Shakespeare's script in the film. Baz Luhrman also used the camera technique in a modern way. This looks better and appeals to teenagers. The camera changes direction and uses close ups. If these techniques weren't used the film wouldn't have the same impact on us for example, when Romeo and Juliet kiss the camera is very close up on them for the whole time, this is because we get much more of the romance and emotions. We don't get the same feelings in the text than in the film. Baz Luhrman also uses modern ideas for example there are security guards and bouncers outside the party, and before the party you had to hand in all guns. Baz Luhrman used the same approach to adapt the 1595 film, Romeo and Juliet as pop groups do nowadays. Pop groups take songs that have been sung years ago and adapt them to a modern pop version. Luhrman made the film modern by using lively modern images like a swimming pool, a modern rock soundtrack and young good-looking people. He has taken Romeo and Juliet to an audience that would normally think of Shakespeare as a chore to be studied at school. ...read more.

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