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Romeo and Juliet is a play based mainly around the theme of love. This theme is good for building a play around because if there is love then you can have hate to contrast it, and many other emotions can be brought in.

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Romeo and Juliet is a play based mainly around the theme of love. This theme is good for building a play around because if there is love then you can have hate to contrast it, and many other emotions can be brought in. Love also makes the story interesting to an audience of Shakespeare's time; also to audiences of more modern times as people are still enjoying his work to this day. This shows his ability as a playwright was very good. Love is particularly important in this play though as it runs all the way through; this allows many different aspects of love to be explored such as, the relationship between Romeo and Juliet which is an exciting new love relationship. On the other hand Shakespeare also shows that love can be cruel when Juliet's parents are trying to get her to marry Paris against her will, they want her to marry for security. An audience in Shakespeare's time would of been able to relate to this more than a more modern one, because in those days arranged marriages were much more common. ...read more.


On the other hand Juliet seems more cautious when falling in love she doesn't jump into things, she takes her time, "Go ask his name," Juliet asks the nurse to ask Romeo his name as he is leaving the party. This might mean that as she wants to know his name she also wants to know more about him before she makes any long term decisions. This shows the audience that she is more careful than Romeo and isn't controlled by her emotions. Juliet's Relations ship with her nurse shows another form of love because the she cares for Juliet as the daughter she never had. Shakespeare creates many different relationships that make it easy to explore the Theme of love because he has many emotions flying round. One of these relationships is Romeo and friar Lawrence's. Romeo doesn't seem to be able to talk to his parents and relies on the friar for advise and as someone to confide in, almost like a father figure. ...read more.


Personification is used in the prologue in Act two, "Desire doth in his death-bed lie" describing desire as if it were a person, that has died, emphasises that Romeo's desire for Rosaline has died. It is also a more powerful way of writing Romeo doesn't like Rosaline anymore, it shows that his love for her is completely gone. The different types of love Shakespeare explores in this play are: Love between two lovers, like Romeo and Juliet; love between enemies, like Romeo and Tybalt and love between family members, like Juliet and Lord Capulet. The theme of love makes the play have antithesis all the way through because, the tragedy is mixed with the love story throughout all the play. I think the play has become a classic love story known across the world because, Shakespeare wrote it in a way that people can enjoy it in their own individual way. Each different person can interpret the images Shakespeare created, in their own minds and everyone could get different images. I think Shakespeare is trying to say that love is unpredictable and very complicated and can't be controlled, also that it can be good and bad. ...read more.

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