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"Romeo and Juliet is a play of many contrasts," Would you agree? "Romeo and Juliet" is a famous romantic drama written

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"Romeo and Juliet is a play of many contrasts," Would you agree? "Romeo and Juliet" is a famous romantic drama written by William Shakespeare containing many contrasts within it, portraying the eponymous lovers' everlasting love for one another. The conflict between the two families; the Montagues and the Capulets makes it almost impossible for them to be together. The play consists of romance and humour building up to the climax of Romeo and Juliet's death. In the play we are first introduced to the servants Sampson and Gregory, from the Montague household, who have a similar lifestyle to the servants in the Capulet household, who are trying to keep up the reputation of the families. The Capulet household are holding a party where the servants are busy getting food, drinks and decoration ready, whereas Lord and Lady Capulet live the life of luxury where they simply think about marriage, money and parties. In the film we see that the servants are dressed down in black tatty clothing while the upper class people; the masters are wearing bright elaborate clothing. In Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann's interpretations of the play, they show this because they wanted to emphasise the status between higher and lower social people. ...read more.


Romeo is a person who falls in and out of love frequently. In the beginning he was in love with Rosaline but it was unrequited love, although when his and Juliet's eyes meet he forgets all about Rosaline. Juliet is still a sweet innocent child who is not thinking about anything to do with marriage let alone boys, at the precise moment. She is still daddy's little girl, as Lord Capulet tries to tell Paris, "She's the hopeful lady of my earth". Shakespeare wants it known that Juliet is Lord Capulet's only child and the hope of his life, she is also going to be the heir of his estate. "Earth" has many different explanations to it, which Lord Capulet tries to get across to the audience to let them know how he feels about Juliet. Lady Capulet's attitude to love is not important to her at all, but marriage, money and status is. The nurse's idea of love is lust, which is all she thinks about; sexual content. Then you have Mercutio who thinks that love is soppy and he doesn't like the way it changes people. As you can see the characters differentiate from one another when it comes to love. ...read more.


These are evidently all contrasts. Also in the Luhrmann's film, the Capulets' party is fancy dress and they are wearing different costumes that symbolise their character in the play. Romeo is a knight which symbolises that he is Juliet's brave knight in shinning armour and is saving her from Paris, whereas Juliet is a fairy/angel representing her innocence, beauty and purity. Tybalt is a devil because he is likes to fight, he is evil, seeking trouble and devious. Paris is an astronaut who is rich, successful and out of this planet representing why he is the right person for Juliet to get married to. Lord and Lady Capulet are king and queen of Verona Beach and dress up as Marc Anthony/Julius Caesar and Cleopatra who also die in a similar way to Romeo and Juliet. This play is full of many opposites and contrasts: love and hate, peace and conflict, young and old. It is all mainly to do with historical, cultural and social context. The play sadly ended with the two star-crossed lovers having to give their life for their families to end their fighting. Romeo and Juliet end with these words: "For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo". ?? ?? ?? ?? Gurleen Chaggar ...read more.

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