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Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare set in the Renaissance period in Verona, northern Italy.

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English-GCSE Coursework Colin Eagle-10F1 Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare set in the Renaissance period in Verona, northern Italy. The play involves two families who have had an on going feud for many years. This matter contributes to the theme of hate, which ends in death and is responsible for the theme of tragedy with the untimely suicides of Romeo and Juliet, the two main characters in a much talked about controversial relationship. Devotion also plays a part as the two main protagonists in the play show so much affection and time towards each other even in tricky situations. The two families: The Capulet's and Montagues show devotion and religion also as they won't give up their envy towards each other and always stay in touch with their religion Catholicism. Religion is also used in the play with the thought of Romeo and Juliet progressing their romance to marriage. The play is so dramatic and creates so much tension as from the very start they have a fight and also whenever the two families interact, are near each other and also when Romeo and Juliet show feelings towards each other you know it will eventually erupt into something. ...read more.


The scenario of the Montagues coming to overthrow the Capulet's party and then with Romeo absconding that thought and going off with Juliet who he only just met for a more intimate scene creates a lot of drama. Act 1 Scene 5 has tension in it as the characters use proleptic irony where they sub-consciously say what's going to happen. The audience will know drama will happen as the two families are together with the possibilities of love, death and hate occurring. With these possibilities the audience will expect high emotions happening as the families are going to notice each other at some point during the party. In Act 1 Scene 5 the pace is very fast as only just after Romeo sees her he goes up to her and says his feelings of devotions to her in a sonnet. Then in a matter of minutes they're in love and lead to intimate scenes in private locations. As Romeo and Juliet speak to each other in their sonnets when they first meet each other they contain loving and devoted imagery in their language and talk about how great each other is, Romeo says "beauty too rich for use, for Earth to dear" and "sin from my lips? ...read more.


In this scene lots of animal imagery is used which makes the men fighting seem cruel, ruthless and makes their actions seem barbaric. But Mercutio thinks carefully about what he says as in the language that he uses he tries to pick a fight using dark imagery. The imagery he uses includes death and bloodiness about the Montagues being victims of hate. Mercutio also utters omens and curses such as "a plague o'both your houses" to threaten the Capulet's even more. Benvolio shows he promotes and agrees to a fight by talking of heat and madness to create an uncomfortable atmosphere. I personally preferred Act 3 Scene 1 literally because it has more drama and action. The Act 1 Scene 5 was where Romeo and Juliet met each other, which was quite tedious and boring. To make Act 3 Scene 1 more appealing to a modern audience I would have each side using gadgets and using up-to-date technology to track down the two rival families. They could also have the flash, customized cars and hi-tech weaponry but along with this have the storyline the same just as in the Romeo and Juliet film with Leonardo di Caprio. ...read more.

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