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Romeo and Juliet is as much about conflict as it is about Love.

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Romeo and Juliet is as much about conflict as it is about Love. How true do you think this is? Romeo and Juliet has always been seen as a classic love story, it involves two young people who fall in instant love but are troubled by their families differences who are extreme rivals of each other. People who hear about the play or the story develop their own perception about the story. The play is known to be about love so we find that people have a conspicuous perception about love with in the play and that love is more apparent in the play that conflict. An example of what most people remember about the play is a very famous scene where Romeo is talking to Juliet who is on a balcony, she says: 'Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?' This scene is the most known to people and is one of the most famous scenes though out the play. What this actually means in modern day language is: 'Romeo, Romeo, why are you called Romeo'. I think Juliet says this because she hates the fact that their families are rivals and that Romeo had to be a Montague and she is a Capulet. ...read more.


Tybalt immediately informs his Uncle Capulet about Romeo's presence at the party but Capulet does not wish to destroy the warm atmosphere of the party and decides that Romeo should stay because he is not causing any trouble. We can clearly tell that Tybalt despises Romeo because of the way in which he behaves when talking about him, he uses negative words, for example he describes Romeo as a 'Villain' and says to his uncle, 'this is a Montague, our foe'. Tybalt also uses the words 'spite' and 'scorn' to describe what Romeo's intention is for coming to the party, although we learn that Romeo goes to attend the party just for enjoyment. Capulet speaks firmly to Tybalt and tells him to stop frowning and just let Romeo do as he wishes, here we can tell what expression Tybalt has on his face as his Uncle commands him to stop frowning. Tybalt responds and says: 'I'll not endure him' meaning that he will not accept him but Capulet just tells Tybalt to behave him self in a good manner and not a gloomy and spiteful manner. In act one scene four Romeo and Mercutio are talking about love. ...read more.


There are also many examples of love with in the play which may involve some conflict, for example in act one scene one Romeo talks about being in love with Rosaline and the fact that he loves her but she in return does not want anything to do with him. Romeo is being like a traditional lover because he loves Rosaline who doesn't love him back. During those times men who were married would have a wife but also a lover, this meant that they loved another woman apart from their wives. Usually this kind of love leads to them feeling love sick because they do not get to have relationship with another woman who they love apart from their wives, this is because during those times religion played a big role in society and peoples lives, so that had to find ways to bend the rules. Romeo is confronted by his love for Rosaline, although he knows she does not love him. He is troubled about this as he says in the play, 'Out of her favour, where I am in love'; this tells us that Rosaline doesn't love him. Romeo can't control the love that he experiences and so is stuck with the idea that love is supposed to be a nice thing but in reality it's a muddle of different experiences. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE-English ...read more.

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