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Romeo and Juliet is often

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Romeo and Juliet is often 'read' by modern British society as a play about fate or the blindness of young love. But, is this how Shakespeare saw his play. Discuss your ideas on this with close reference to the text. It is almost certain that Shakespeare saw fate and love as the main themes in 'Romeo and Juliet'. There is proof from many of his other plays such as 'Mac Beth' and 'Julius Caesar' which both include fate as a strong theme. Plays which were written as far back as the Greek and Elizabethan days often included fate or love, as the people were very superstitious and aware of the 'stars'. A definition of fate would be the power that is supposed to settle ahead of time how things will happen. The blindness of young love is another large theme in the play. Shakespeare shows this through the love Romeo and Juliet share. In Romeo and Juliet, fate was not the only cause of the deaths of the young couple; it could also have been brought about by the mistakes of themselves and the other characters in the play. ...read more.


"This bud of love by summer's ripening breath may prove a beauteous flower when we next meet." Shakespeare makes Romeo seem obsessed with the idea that the stars are in control everything. He blames fate or misfortune for nearly all that goes wrong. "Some consequence, yet hanging in the stars." "Is it e'en so? Then I deft you, stars!" Romeo talks about Juliet as if she were an angel and compares her to heaven and the stars. "Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven, having some business, do intreat her eyes to twinkle in their spleens till they return." Romeo is besides himself with love and talks foolishly, '...with love's light wings did I o'erperch these walls...' When Juliet refers to her love for Romeo, she mentions death and love in the same sentence. This is unusual as death is not normally mentioned when someone is on the subject of love. "Come gentle night, come loving black-browed night, give me my Romeo, and when I shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine." ...read more.


Once again, hinting that a terrible catastrophe is about to arise. Romeo and Juliet constantly say that they will do anything for one another and when they do actually die, they die for each other. "Here's to my love. O true apothecary. Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die." "O churl! drunk all, and left no friendly drop to help me after?" Although it is a very big and difficult decision to make when they are that young, their love is so strong, they decide it is worth dying for. In the play, Shakespeare includes many speeches and scenes that show fate and love were the main themes. He constantly replicates it throughout the play using different methods and twists. There is not a simple solution for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet; however there are various points in the play showing that fate could be to blame. Shakespeare did see his play about the themes of fate and love and there are numerous points of evidence to prove it. ...read more.

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