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Romeo and Juliet - Romeo's guilt for the deaths in the play.

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Romeo and Juliet The testimonies from the prosecution, The City of Verona, and the defense, have made it quite placid that Romeo Montague is guilty and responsible for the death of six people. This is especially apparent due to the fact that the opposition agreed with the prosecution on one crucial point; the slaying of Mercutio and then Tybalt resulted in a chain reaction which resulted in four more deaths. In this closing argument in favor of convicting Romeo on six charges of murder the opposition's contentions in favor of Romeo's innocence will be rebutted, and then Romeo's guilt will be proven through thorough evidence. Before providing evidence to prove Romeo's guilt, the opposition's contentions shall be rebutted especially those pertaining to the death of Mercutio and Tybalt. The defense had staked a claim that Romeo was not responsible for the death of Mercutio or Tybalt, and thus was not responsible for any other deaths. This statement if false due to the fact that Romeo was responsible for both the death of Mercutio and Tybalt. The reason Romeo is responsible for the death of Mercutio is the following, Romeo failed to inform even his closest friends (one of them being Mercutio) ...read more.


The prince is reffering to the fact that when Romeo is found (the fact that they have to find Romeo means he has ran away) he will be banished. The fact that Romeo ran away asserts the fact that he did realize that he deserved to be executed for killing Tybalt, and thus he recognized that he was responsible for Tybalts death. Now that the oppositions contentions have been rebutted, and it's been established that Romeo is responsible for the death of Mercutio and Tybalt from which it can be inferred that he is responsible for the remaining four deaths, and through substanstial evidence this shall be proved. The other four deaths that Romeo is responsible are Lady Montagues death, Paris's death, Juliet's death, and his own death. The reason Lady Montague death is Romeo being banished. Montague says, "Alas my leige, my wife is dead tonight!/Grief of my son's exile hath stopped her breath." The reason Romeo is exiled is because he deliberately kills Tybalt, after through being up front with Mercutio about his marriage with Juliet ends up in a duel with Tybalt and is killed. ...read more.


I long to die/If what thou speak'st not of remedy"(line 66-67ACT4scens1). So because of Romeo being banished Juliet must seak a drastic way of being with Romeo again. The Friar ends up giving Juliet a potion to drink that will make her look like she's dead. Then because Juliet was essentially forced to drink this Romeo and the rest of Verona City thinks she's dead, which causes Romeo to kill himself, and then Juliet to wake up and find Romeo dead and then kill herself. Essentially because Romeo never told Mercutio about him being married to Juliet Mercutio is killed. Then in rage over Mercutio's death Romeo kills Tybalt which causes him to become banished. Romeo's banishments both Lady Montague to die of grief and causes Juliet to have to take the potion which causes Romeo to think she's dead, commit suicide, and because Romeo's dead Juliet kills herself. Is quote identification correct? Is quote written correctly, spacing is correct, needs quotations for every line, ? Do we need a thesis? How long should it be? Romeo killing himself should be listed b4 Juliet killing herself When do u need ... only if skipping middle of for skipping beginning? ...read more.

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