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"Romeo and Juliet's love is not the main focus on the play; the feud of Montague against Capulet is"; discuss how far you consider this to be true.

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"Romeo and Juliet's love is not the main focus on the play; the feud of Montague against Capulet is"; discuss how far you consider this to be true. Romeo and Juliet is more based around the feud between Montague and Capulet rather than Romeo and Juliet's love. In Elizabethan England, which was the time when Shakespeare was writing, a feud would be more interesting than a love story, which Shakespeare realised and so based his work around that idea. The plague would have been rampant in Shakespeare's time which would have made death an everyday occurrence for the Elizabethan people, so he uses the feud as a reason to include death in his play which then makes it more accessible to the people. The first words Shakespeare writes are them of the prologue, which we can immediately see favours the feud rather than the love. 'From ancient grudge break to new mutiny Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean' These lines immediately show that the play is going to focus on the grudge; it hasn't mentioned anything about the love that Romeo and Juliet are told to possess for each other. It has already told us of the feud between Montague and Capulet and already showed that this will lead to bloodshed and most importantly death. ...read more.


does not know this, this again represents the feud in the play and this again is before the love between Romeo and Juliet has been discovered. The last scene in act 1 is scene 5, this is where Romeo and Juliet meet each other, but thrown in with all the love in the scene is 3 cases of where the feud exists. The first is when Tybalt spots that Romeo is here and that he is indeed a Montague, he gets annoyed at this and sends for one of the servants to fetch his rapier, only to be calmed down by Capulet, but this again shows how Shakespeare favours the play to be about the feud rather than Romeo and Juliet's love. The scene then progresses until Romeo and Juliet share a kiss, at which point they both ask the Nurse who each other are as they are not fully aware that they are of the two rival households, she tells Juliet that Romeo is a Montague and Romeo that Juliet is a Capulet. This again shows us the feud, ok love has been mentioned this time but if love really was the main focus of the play the feud would not crop up every time that love is mentioned. Act 2 consists of Romeo and Juliet sneaking around, getting married etc. ...read more.


The final argument to present the feud being the main focus is that, without the feud the love between Romeo and Juliet couldn't possibly be as strong as it was. The only way Shakespeare could show us how it was strong was by letting it play its way around the feud but by doing that he has made the feud the main focus of the play. The love Romeo and Juliet exhibited towards each other was phenomenal even if it was only a teenage romance, it was that strong it managed to live on even while this massive feud was going on between both their families, this shows that without the feud the love would just have been meaningless. The play would have been just another clich�d love story but with the feud it made the pay stand out from all the rest making it the masterpiece it is. After analysing the whole of the play the statement at the beginning we can see is so obviously true. Every time love is mentioned so is the feud, the love plays around the feud, the feud takes up most of the play, this can only prove that when Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet he intended it to be about the feud between the two household rather than a love story. It made it different, more up to date with what the people wanted at the time which made it a better play than all the others. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel O'Donnell 10JR 19/02/2010 ...read more.

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