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Romeo and Juliet - The Most Romantic Love Story of All Time

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Romeo and Juliet - The Most Romantic Love Story of All Time Do You Agree? The dictionary defines romance as sentimental or idealised love. I agree that some love is romantic but some isn't. I think that romantic love only occurs when there is nothing evil in it. So there is no Jealousy, hatred or competition between the lovers. It is also very romantic when love defies society like it does in Romeo and Juliet. It is like they are the only two who matter and they don't care what anyone else thinks. Romeo and Juliet includes many kinds of love but over all it is extremely romantic. I feel that the main aspect of romance in the play is the way Romeo and Juliet speak about each other, in such a romantic way. When they meet for the second time, on Juliet's balcony, they use images to describe each other. Romeo compares Juliet to the stars and light, "It is the east and Juliet is the sun." "Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven." Romeo thinks that Juliet is brighter than anything else in the world and he believes that she could make the stars look dim. ...read more.


Romeo tries to kill himself when he hears how upset Juliet is about his banishment but is stopped by the nurse. It is very romantic because of how passionate Juliet is about seeing Romeo for their wedding night and then how she is so desperate to see Romeo even though he has been banished. By the end they have both grown up tremendously and when they think each other is dead they both actually do kill themselves. Romeo is so determined to kill himself that he kills Paris in order to do this, he doesn't really want to but this is the most important thing to him. There is no more threatening from Juliet this time, she doesn't try to seek attention or make a long speech she immediately acts "Then I'll be brief. O happy dagger." Fate is a very important aspect of this play, however it is against Romeo and Juliet being together. The whole way through the play fate does its best to stop Romeo and Juliet being happy but this does not stop them trying, they are so determined to be together. The first thing to do with fate is the fact that the families do not get on. ...read more.


The joking is taken out of the play at an appropriate time because it would have been inappropriate to have joking in the death scene at the end. I think the main evidence that this is an extremely romantic play is the loyalty they show for each other, the language they use about each other and the fact that they are willing to die for each other. Their language is so beautiful and vivid you can picture what they are saying. Romeo and Juliet was written four hundred years ago and it is still a very well known play world wide, they are regarded as some of the most famous lovers of all time. The Baz Luhman film was released recently which was extremely successful. If you ask most people they will have heard the names Romeo and Juliet if not read the play. It is very well known and it has been around for a very long time. Some people may not be able to look past the tragedy, but when you consider all of these things doesn't their love for each other overrule every thing? Their love is genuine, they aren't trying to play a game or prove anything to anyone. It is pure and innocent, they just care about each other and I think that is what makes it so romantic. ?? ?? ?? ?? Katie Marriott-Dodington 10A English Coursework ...read more.

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