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Romeo and Juliet - What is it that accounts for the changes that take place in the character of Romeo.

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Mahmoodul Shah 04/01/3003 English Literature What is it that accounts for the changes that take place in the character of Romeo At the dawn of Romeo and Juliet we are presented with Romeo being an innocent child and shallow in love. He has no understanding of the real world and life. However during the course of the play Romeo greatly develops maturity. At the start of the play, when confronted by Benvolio and asked questions, Romeo is deeply in love with a girl with a name of Rosaline. However he is extremely sad and confused because she does not love him. In act 1 scene line 160-170 we are told that Romeo is "out of love of her favour" and that is the main reason of Romeo being extremely sad. His confusion is confronted in act 1 scene 1 line 175-179 where he is extremely confused and says words such as "O loving hate" which show that he is really confused about the whole matter of love. However, further in this scene we learn of the good relationship that Romeo has with Benvolio and that is described in act 1 scene 1 line 183-185. In the same scene we further learn why Romeo is so sad. This is because Romeo tells Benvolio how beautiful she is (act1 scene 1 line 207-215) and how he cannot realise the fact that she does not love him anymore. ...read more.


In act 2 scene 3 line 32-34 friar Lawrence realises that Romeo is worried because he is up so early. This tells us that Romeo is obviously worried about last night. Romeo tells friar Lawrence that he loves Julliet (act 2 scene 3 line 57-58) but friar Lawrence points out to him that it was only yesterday that he dearly loved rosaline (act 2 scene 3 line 65-66). Romeo tells him that the love for rosaline was not true (act 2 scene 3 line 84-86). This tells us that like an adult Romeo is accepting his mistakes making mature reflections as we once again see a transition from naive Romeo to mature he tells friar Lawrence that his relationship may even bring their families together (act 2 scene 3 line 91-92). Newfound, his maturity brings with it the role of mediator attempting to bring peace between the families and has left his childhood behind him. I feel that the transition has been triggered by his feelings for Julliet and his idea to create peace he thinks that marrying her would bring the violence to a halt. Act 2 scene 4 brings another major change in Romeos life. He is asked for marriage. He agrees to the marriage in act 2 scene 4 line 180-183. This is scene is very important firstly because Romeo is getting married to his enemies daughter and secondly this scene is telling us about Romeo's individuality i.e. ...read more.


Romeo opens the tomb but Paris stops him (act 5 scene 3 line 49-51). Paris was the man who was to marry Juliet. Friar lawerence's cunning plan should also be mentioned as this shapes the story. Friar lawerence gave a special medicine to Julliet that would make Julliet look dead. This was done in response to Julliet getting married of to paris. After she had taken the medicine she would be buried in the family tomb. The friar would send a message to Romeo, Romeo would come and he would take Julliet away but this does not happen because the brake out of plague and the message could not reach Romeo. After killing paris (act 5 scene 3 line 73) Romeo proceeds himself to Julliets death bed and there he takes the poison (act 5 scene 3 line 119-120). When Julliet awakes from her sleep she sees Romeo dead and kills herself (act 5 scene 3 line 168-169). The tragedy has ended. Romeo has changed and his maturity brings him an end to his life. From a unsympathetic character, and deeply in untrue love Romeo rapidly advances into an adult but he is faced many difficulties which he does conqueor. However he couldn't overcome the death of his Julliet so he kills himself. Romeo learnt a lot from his life and has gone to the top of maturity. He ended his life as an adult not as a child. ...read more.

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