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Romeo And JulietDirectors Letter To Juliet's Actress

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Romeo And Juliet Directors Letter To Juliet's Actress Dear Miss Webster, I am writing to you to aid your research, rehearsal and performance of this fabulous play in which you have the very important role of playing Juliet. Shakespeare wrote the majority of his masterpieces in Stratford-on-Avon but he set the stories in foreign countries, in this case Verona, but based them upon the customs of that time that he knew from the area he worked and lived in. This life was very different to the one we have now with different understandings about how people, especially children, should behave and their attitude towards their parents. This vast difference comes across very strongly in this scene (Act 3 scene 5). Juliet was born into a noble house and in these places marriage was often contracted at a young age for many reasons including property, prosperity and family alliance. But the average age of marriage was still quite high, in the middle twenties. Women married younger than men; with an average gap of three years which is similar to the age of consent which happens to be much younger than that of today. ...read more.


The fact that Romeo and Juliet are in love at such a young age may seem rather false to many people but this scene proves Juliet's undying devotion and love doesn't falter even whilst facing eviction from her family and home. The relationship hasn't changed between Juliet and her mother up until now but it falters when Capulet enters. Lady Capulet is angry and ashamed that her daughter would refuse such an offer and embarrass them so but the slight maternal instinct she must have towards Juliet is overpowered by the above as she doesn't reach out to her daughter to help her. Capulet is extremely angry and ashamed which is understandable as in a noble house, the reputation and respect of the family name had to be maintained. Therefore, the relationship between Juliet and her parents in this scene means she is more isolated and alone than before. This isn't helped by the nurse, who is Juliet's closest friend, ho offers no comfort what so ever and even further offends Juliet by abusing Romeo herself. Juliet now has no one to turn to for advice and solace so she feels her only way out is death. ...read more.


The mixed emotions conjured up in this scene and the amount of drama created through the love of two people is phenomenal. It varies from happiness to sadness, anger to disbelief, and various states of confusion. This creates drama through the entire play as it is unpredictable which creates suspense and a feeling that a character is about to explode with emotion at any one time. Shakespeare is very successful at dramatising the situation because of all the mixed emotions and the contrast in social status and society from then to this day. This scene fits in with the entire play because it shows all the contrasts between Juliet's previous life and her life with Romeo which forced her to mature quicker than is probably good for you. It fits because it shows how deceiving Juliet had to be because of society and because of these wrongs in the society; it shows the tragedy that was destined to happen. I hope this has been of use to you and will aid you to take on this role as it is a very important part and must be performed correctly. I wish you every success with 'Romeo and Juliet'. Yours Sincerely, Director ?? ?? ?? ?? Katie Williams 11S1 ...read more.

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