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Romeo and Julietfilm review

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Romeo and Juliet film review Luhrmann has been able to direct this version of Romeo and Juliet just brilliantly. He has been able to combine the 16th century love story with a 21st century Californian gang warfare. He takes the play and deposits it in a modern Verona Beach, that is part Miami and part Mexico City. He has been able to achieve this by using fast cars with roaring engines that replace horses .The guns stand in for swords and daggers. The Shakespearean language has been applied but a modern style of acting has been used which makes it far easer for the modern viewer to understand. If the viewer cannot understand the language they are able to interpret what is happening by the way the actors are acting. This film would suit all ages and both males and females; the men can look at the beautiful Juliet and the ladies can look at the handsome Romeo. ...read more.


In fact all the characters in this scene seem to have an exaggeration on their personalities. The Montague's are very scared but they try to increase the volume of their voice to cover the fact. The camera angles in this scene focus mainly on the facial expressions especially eye movements .The exaggerated actions of each of the characters. It also focuses on the little things like the engravements on the guns and the signs at the petrol station to emphasize what is going on at the petrol station and to allow the viewers to understand the situation immediately and also form opinions about each character swiftly. As you can see the start of the film is action action action! It only calms down when Romeo and Juliet first come face-to-face, gazing at each other through the transparent panes of an aquarium while a love ballad plays in the background (as mentioned before). ...read more.


The reason for it being dark is the fact that Lurhman was trying to show the audience the world through Romeos' eyes, blinded in anger and moving in confusion. In this anger and confusion he kills Tybalt. It stays dark up until Romeo and Juliet see each other again. When he goes to Juliet's house the colour returns. It's like Juliet brings the colour to Romeos' life. As the colour changes, so does the atmosphere. The ambience becomes romantic. In fact in this film when there is a change in the scene the colour and lighting seem to change with it to suit its mood. The use of ECU (extreme close up) is a very god means of communication emotion when Romeo and Juliet kiss for the first time its focuses entirely on them through the panel of the fish tank - it makes you personally feel like you are there and makes you feel the emotion that they are feeling. Luhrmann's flamboyant direction pumps new life into a well-known, much-adapted tale. Does this mean Shakespeare will become fashionable and cool once again? . ...read more.

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