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Romeo & Juliet.

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Romeo & Juliet Essay In 'Romeo And Juliet,' William Shakespeare uses many types of love to portray the relationships between different characters. I shall discuss and examine this is my essay, paying close attention to the way in which Shakespeare uses language as a device to portray the characters in different lights. 'Romeo and Juliet' is a tragedy about two families who are at war with each other. Romeo, who is a Montague, falls in love with Juliet - a Capulet. As the story is a tragedy, we expect an important character, such as a Lord, Lady or a main character to die. A Shakespearean audience would be aware of the characteristics of a tragedy. They may expect an important character to die through an act of Hubris, or one of the seven deadly sins, such as wrath, gluttony or lust. They may die because of fate, or because of an ill omen. Another tragedy we studied was 'Macbeth.' This was written along the same lines as 'Romeo and Juliet,' but the main character dies through an act of Hubris, and not love. Macbeth believed he could be a better King than King Duncan, and so he killed him so that he could take his place. ...read more.


'By giving liberty unto thine eyes; Examine other beauties' Mercutio is Romeo's best friend. Tybalt challenges Romeo to a fight and when Romeo backs down, Mercutio comes to his defence. This is true loyalty to Romeo, as the fight ends in Mercutio's death. This devastates Romeo, and so he kills Tybalt. 'Staying for thine to keep him company. Either thou or I, or both mush go with him.' Romeo shows his loyalty back to Mercutio, by killing Tybalt to get revenge for him. Two other characters that show a loyal love to each other are Juliet and her Nurse. Juliet's nurse is very loyal to Juliet and cares for her very much. 'Tis since the earthquake now eleven years, And she was weaned - I never shall forget it' Juliet's Nurse has been with her since she was born. She spends a lot of time with Juliet and so they become good friends. Juliet's Nurse is the only one of her friends that is mentioned. I think that Shakespeare purposely doesn't include any other of Juliet's friends because it makes the friendship between Juliet and her nurse much stronger. Juliet has nobody else to talk to for advice on Romeo and so she goes to her Nurse. ...read more.


Although 'Romeo and Juliet' was written in the late 1500's, it is still one of, if not the most popular love story of all time. I think the reason it has survived for so long, is because it can be related to modern day. Romeo and Juliet were not supposed to fall in love because their families were at war. Today, people can be disallowed from marrying whom they wish, because of background and religion. In some religions, it is still tradition for the parents to choose whom their children will marry, and this can be related to Juliet's parents forcing her to marry Paris, even though she did not love him. It did not matter that Romeo and Juliet were in love, because they had to obey their parents. I think the theme of love that is most important and which Shakespeare wants us to think as the most important is true love. Throughout the play, Shakespeare makes true love seem to be the most important, for example when Romeo falls in love with Juliet, he totally forgets about Rosaline. And again when Romeo and Juliet are willing to die for each other, because they are so in love. I think Shakespeare wants to portray true love as 'Love Conquers All,' and that falling in love is an important part of life. Nicola Brame ...read more.

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