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Romeo & Juliet.

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Romeo & Juliet There are many events, which take place in the play, which could have triggered the fight in act 3 scene 1, and in the scene there are many attempts to both increase and defuse tension build up. Shakespeare uses the characters and lines well to build up tension in the fight scene. At the beginning of the scene; Benvolio says 'the day is hot, the Capels are abroad and if we meet we shall not scape a brawl'. They talk of how they want to go home after a long day but their minds change when the Capulets arrive. Tybalt enters and says to his men 'follow me close' meaning stay close to me, there will be trouble. This increases the tension, as the audience then know from this line that there will be trouble. ...read more.


Tybalt is infact after Romeo he calls Romeo a 'villain.' Romeo is not affected by this, and replies 'Tybalt the reason I have to love thee, doth much excuse the appertaining rage.' Romeo has infact that day married Tybalt's cousin, Juliet, and explains he has a reason to love him but doesn't actually tell him the reason is Juliet. By turning Tybalt's challenge down this again builds up the tension and makes Tybalt extremely angry. Tybalt shouts at Romeo calling him 'boy'. By doing this Tybalt is trying to make Romeo angry enough to fight him and is making the situation worse as calling someone boy is looked upon as being very insulting. Romeo again refuses to fight and by doing this Romeo is trying once again to calm the situation down. ...read more.


Mercutio is playing on words here as by saying grave not only does he mean he will be dead but he means he is being serious. This is when Romeo and Tybalt realise the extent of their actions. Tybalt leaves. Romeo realises his love for Juliet has made him effeminate and he hasn't been brave enough. He realises his hatred for Tybalt and goes in search of him. We again know the tension is being increased and there is going to be trouble as Romeo goes in search of Tybalt. Romeo asks Tybalt to take back his insults but Tybalt refuses saying if we fight then it is you who will die. Romeo questions this and picks up the gun and shoots Tybalt. The tension reaches its highest point after Mercutio dies and Romeo goes in search of Tybalt. This is represented in the death of Tybalt at the end of the scene. ...read more.

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