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romeo juliet

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COURSEWORK I felt cold. The lump in my throat seemed to grow bigger after every second in this hellhole. Fear consumed me and I could feel it's icy cold fingers run down my spine. The view of decimated men was becoming a familiar site. I watched people, friends that had carried each other through the tough times slip into their trap. The Germans were reckless, they were a death machine. They spilt blood as if it were water. Flames engulfed the world, it was their fault and now I'm here to fight for justice, fight for everything I hold true. "All groups take cover!" The general's voice echoed across the trenches. The German machine guns began firing again, I lodged myself in between 2 men at the far end of the trench. The adrenaline pumped through my veins wildly, as if a predator was chasing it. I watched as a group of men were ushered over the trenches and into no man's land. I couldn't bear to look, I closed my eyes and hid away in my own world. I was far away from the battle and my mind wandered into the past. I thought about how things were, when there were now wars. How I took my life for granted, all the little things that now I have come to miss so much. ...read more.


I winced in a vain attempt to open my eyes but when they finally obeyed, I wished they hadn't. The bitter taste of loss marred my mouth. The death stained trench felt like a graveyard of young men. I got up to my feet, and looked around. The barbaric absolute of war tortured me. I was stood in a pool of blood and limbs, and amongst the soldiers I could make out the sergeant who talked to me. I crouched next to his body and checked for a pulse but there was nothing. Hatred paved its way into me and every bone in my body wanted to put things right. But what could I, one soldier do against an army of hundreds that were across no man's land. There were no alternatives, I had to escape. What were the chances of one man evading an army? Doubt soured my mind and I was bewildered as to what my next move should be. Everything was fabricated, I knew that the death of so many soldiers would be hidden away. But it would be an insult to the memory of these men if they weren't remembered for what they did. I had to spread the truth, for their sakes as well as mine. ...read more.


Suddenly I stopped paddling, the detestable feeling of guilt buried me. What was I doing? Why should I be able to see my mother when a trench full of men will never be able to again. I closed my eyes, I could see the faces of the men that lay in the trenches. I couldn't live my life like that. Everyday thinking about that moment would eat away at me like time to a corpse. I saw my reflection in the water, my eyes were those of man who had seen more than he could bear. Tears were rushing down my face, "I'm sorry mum!" I screamed. I took the gun from my jacket pocket, and then thought for one final moment. Oh mother if you can hear me I truly am sorry, I can't do it. I just can't. I took in my surroundings, I felt the cruel October wind blow away the leaves and the sunshine embrace the waters. Then I closed my eyes again for the final time and put the gun to my head. "I'm sorry I wasn't stronger for you" I whimpered as I prepared myself. I finally pulled the trigger and death lay it's vile hands on me. When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, For Their Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today By Imran Ali ...read more.

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