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Romeo & juliet, how does the imagery make the scene more dramatic?

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How does imagery in the speech help make it more dramatic? Romeo and Juliet was a play originally written by William Shakespeare between 1591 and 1595 but wasn't put on stage as a play until 1597 and was enjoyed by people of all ages and has also been made into several different films. Imagery, whether it is negative, positive can play a vital role in literature, this could be from emphasising the atmosphere or showing things that will happen in the future. This can change the audience's views on the different characters whether it been sympathising or a strong dislike. This helps the story come alive in the audiences views. Shakespeare provides Juliet with a soliloquy meaning that she is talking to herself and no one else is there with her. ...read more.


and " What's going to lead on from the love of these characters?" The soliloquy shows Juliets naivety at this point of the play because she is so desperately in love with Romeo. It is at this moment when the audience become aware of the dramatic irony of the lovers because of Tybalts murder even if they are unaware of this at that time. The implication of the use of the Phoebus and Phaeton imagery in the first part of the speech suggests romantic passion but they are unaware that it is actually danger. Juliets alliterate pleas for Romeos quick arrival, she states " Gallop apace you fiery-footed steeds Towards Phoebus." This is dramatically ironic, however it hides a contradiction between "Cloudy nights and Close curtain" which brings her closer to Romeo. ...read more.


The word "stars" represent a bright light, which eventually fades, so this emphasises that something bad will happen in the future. In the prologue it says " Two star lovers take their life" which links back to the stars been bright because the lights fade meaning bad and that is also linked to death. Also the balcony scene is linked at night, Juliet says " To twinkle in their spheres until they return ... into heaven." The word twinkle links towards the stars as in they twinkle and so does heaven because it is in the sky and so are the stars. That shows that their love is out of this world, heavenly, it soars above any other relationship like Romeos for Rosalind. Romeo and Juliets love is very extraordinary that they do not pursue courtly love. ...read more.

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