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Romeo & Juliet : Relationship between Juliet & Parents

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Examine the presentation of the relationship between Juliet and her parents in Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a story about a couple that fall in love, even though their families are sworn enemies. Juliet was in the process of being in an arranged marriage to Paris, but at the party that Lord Capulet arranged to allow Paris to woo Juliet, she meets Romeo, and they fall in love. Soon after, they are married, but neither of their parents know. After Romeo killed Tybalt, he was exiled. Juliet was in hysterics, and her parents mistook her grieving over Romeo exile for that of Tybalt's death. In their bid to please Juliet, they complete the arrangement for her to marry Paris, days after Tybalt's death. In Juliet's desperation to escape the marriage, she drinks a potion, which would make her appear dead for a day. A message was sent to Romeo to tell him of her plan, but it failed to reach him, and through word of mouth he falsely discovered that Juliet was dead. He rushes to her side and drinks a vial of poison to kill himself, as the love of his life was supposedly dead. Soon after, Juliet awakens, and discovers that Romeo is dead, and so kills herself. ...read more.


If you go back to Act 1 Scene 2, he tries to protect Juliet, and tells Paris that he should wait 2 years until Juliet is 16 before he marries her. He also tells Paris "my will to her consent is but a part". He means that if Paris can woo Juliet, then he will consent to their marriage. In Act 3 Scene 5, Juliet speaks to her mother and her father in 2 completely different ways. When Juliet is speaking with her mother, the phrases and imagery are often very playful. She speaks quite freely and speaks about her thoughts and feelings. This shows a slight bond between them, which isn't really seen elsewhere in the play. When Juliet speaks to her father, she is polite, and where she says what she thinks she still tries to show that she respects his authority. For example, she says "thankful even for hate that meant love". This quote shows how she thanks her father, but doesn't agree with the marriage. This shows how the Shakespearean society was different to the one we have today, and how the relationship was between Juliet and her father. Her and her father don't have a very close relationship, but he does obviously care for her, especially if you look at Act 1 Scene 2. ...read more.


Shakespeare represents the relationship in this way because it makes the storyline more believable- if her her parents were very close to Juliet, the marriage to Paris would probably seemed out of place. This creates a powerful effect for the audience as they can relate to how Juliet must have felt and the pressures placed upon her by society. Overall in this play, the relationship between Juliet and her father is complicated. Although Lord Capulet cares for Juliet, and is quite close to her, social society meant that they could not get very close, because of what was expected of them. Men were higher than women, and men never thought the need to understand how they felt, as women always obeyed men. Juliet's relationship with her mother is also quite complex; the bonds are there, as seen in Act 3 Scene 5, due to society, the wife had to support the husband, which meant that Lady Capulet may have not had much time to spend with her daughter, and could definitely not stand up for her daughter if it meant going against her husband. Romeo and Juliet has not only got an interesting storyline, but also the backgrounds of the characters are well thought out. The Capulet's relationships with one another play an important role in this play,as these relations support the story and the society that the play was set into. ...read more.

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