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Romeo's diary entry from the ball.

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Divya Singla 9C Romeo?s diary entry Dear Diary, Today has been a wonderful day except for a few cases. The day started as heart-wrenching as I could bear. Flawless, Rosaline was so fair. Her mesmerising eyes shone like diamonds; her hair flowed fluently in the air-silky and lustrous; she had a soft and serene complexion that completed her. I wanted her love, she refused mine. She decided to hide her beauty and to remain alone for the rest of her life. I was so hurt. Why didn?t she love me? I couldn?t understand. Why wasn?t she attracted to me? My head was swamped with all these negative thoughts. Hurt, the only way I could think to relieve myself from such pain was suicide. ...read more.


In other words- Rosaline is repulsive compared to the other ladies in Verona. But I?m glad he did however, for if he hadn?t, I fear I would be dead with grief therefore I never would have met Juliet (Music to my ears!) She is the love of my life, the only one that keeps the light in the darkness. She is a princess among the other women, and the most stunning person I?ve ever laid eyes on. Her radiant hair, shone like the sun; her piercing eyes pulled me even closer to her. She had stolen my heart from the moment I laid eyes on her and I hope she never gives it back. We exchanged words and danced for a little while. ...read more.


Behind its curtains was my one and only love. I hid behind a bush as she came out she spoke of her love for me. I was engulfed by her words. She loves me! So I revealed myself. She was surprised and worried that I knew what she said, but I would have none of that. She asked if I loved her and how, I told her she was the light in the darkness and that I loved her as wide as the world and as deep as the sea and as high as the sky. She was bidding me adieu, but I wanted her promise of love, so she told me to marry her in secret tomorrow. I cannot wait a night, but I must be sensible, for her sake. I will wait tomorrow, and make plans tonight by talking to Friar Lawrence. Goodbye Diary. ...read more.

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