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Rose In A Concrete World.

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~Rose In A Concrete World~ The night sky was sprinkled with stars, Sprinkled with light, hope, happiness. Yet, I stood lost in a world of desolation, where warmth became scarce as day turned to night. The atmosphere was scented with mystery, there was no knowing of what would happen next. A sudden chill ran down my spine; I shivered, oblivious to the situation that had become reality. Ignorance is bliss, people had said to me, but when ignorance means finding yourself in a place where nothing is what it seems, bliss becomes despair. My eyes, blurred from weariness, struggled to remain open, and soon enough had given in to the temptation to temporary peace of mind. ******************* The horizon broke into a splendour of colours, painting the new day with life. As I stirred from my seemingly peaceful slumber, rubbing sleep from my eyes I could here a strange yet sharp call in the distance. There was a trace of bitterness at the back of my throat. Where was I? I screamed out for help but all that came back in return was an unfamiliar breeze that swept my hair across my face. ...read more.


Though the physical pain died down, emotionally the situation that I had found myself in hit me hard. My will to survive was now merely like a flame of a candle flickering in the wind. Again, the same sound echoed through the vast nothingness of the world I was confronted with, but this time it was louder, this time the sound grabbed something within me; Something that brought on a sudden outburst of determination, a sudden urge to endure. With my new found confidence, I pushed myself to stand up. As I did, a sudden warmth swept over me, my face began to glow with a feeling that I thought I had lost for eternity. I saw my situation in a different light; the world around me was still grey but ahead of me stood the rising sun like a goal that had to be reached. There was a purpose to why I was here, this I now knew, and because of that purpose I knew that I had make it though whatever lay before me. Sadly, my moment of pure glory and resolution was dampened when rain begun to pour from the merciless sky, which had turned from clear blue to a dark and destructive grey. ...read more.


Regaining my confidence with every step I took, something inside told me that I was about to reach my journey's end. Yet, somehow, I still did not understand why I was here, but that was insignificant, all I needed now, was to find my way out of here. I pushed my way through the now well-sodden grounds for hours on end. It seemed as if, nothing would ever change, it seemed as if I would be trapped in monotony forever, not being able to escape to the boundaries of freedom. As my anxiety increased and my body grew weary, I had begun to think yet again that there was no end to this nightmare of reality. Then, in the distance, my eyes spotted something of rare simplicity. A single rose, stood bold, true to nature, in amidst the desolate plain of life. Hope grew in my heart; a sudden warmth filled my soul with enough reason to keep surviving. There was a way out of this dystopia, I knew that much. I knew it was not knowing where I was, or why I was here but it was taking on the challenge, taking on the journey and finding the rose in a concrete world. Sharon Tan-9c-Mrs. Mayers ...read more.

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