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Run Felicia, run! - creative writing.

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"Run Felicia, run!" cried the voice. I blinked at the darkness. The uncomfortable, stuble darkness surrounded me. Marking my every movement. I could almost feel the texture of the shadows looming over me. I had nearly given into the dark embrace, luring me ever so tauntingly, when I felt the dangerous pour of power stretching towards me. The feelings of constraint and helplessness trapped my mind, my body unable to move due to the fear enticing any strength to fight for any of my freedom from the demon's diseased frabrication. I shivered slightly and fought back the tears bleeding from my eyes. I knew it would hurt if I cried. I would open my already derelict lips and most likely scream in the voices of despair when I see the tears I cried were blood, and or perhaps when I tasted the sticky, metallic liquid on my tongue. ...read more.


Muscles and tendons churned at the stress, leaving my hips numb with overuse and constant strain. I continued to run. Away from the dark. As I searched once again for the voice of which willed me to run, my head boiled. A rushing heat causing my throat to rot and my eyes spin. This made me stumble, I glided through an endless doom sliding past me at a speed I never dreamt to see in my entire life. Although everything was tar black - the sky, the ground, even the air, my surroundings became a faded grey blur as I sped through the scenery. A mysterious gloom fell upon the place where the hunt commenced resulted an eerie overcast that hugged itself close around me, forcing me to freeze and cough blood out of my lungs. The blood smelt like a rotten piece of cloth, stinging my nose. "I had to escape. I had to escape. I had to escape. I had to escape. I had to escape. ...read more.


Behind her stood a man. The smell of rotten flesh intensified... He was dead... no... not dead... half alive... but dead. They whispered to me without sound. A language I had not yet comprehend. In the semidarkness, I stretched my arm forward and pointed at him with my shaken index finger as though I was willing them to touch into my mind across space. "If only you knew." "The chase begins..." he mouthed, silently. An anonymous momentum charged towards me from behind, sending propellous shudders directly at my heart - a throbbing meat that thumped loudly in my chest. This suddenly triggered a familiar feeling at the back of my head, but I decided to dismiss it for I was simply too desperately engrossed in the blank scene displayed from the front. The chase... What chase? It was so, very close to me. A warm wave of energy brushed past my neck and I was suddenly warped with a deadly smoke seeping into my eye sockets... I woke up. Dystopia ...read more.

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