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Saving Private Ryan

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'Saving Private Ryan' coursework The film I'm going to be analysing is called 'Saving Private Ryan'. It's directed by a guy called Stephen Spielberg and was written by Robert Rodat. This film also was the winning film of Academy Award in 1998. 'Saving Private Ryan' could say it's the best portrayal WWII out of all films. It's about how a troop of army went off to complete a mission which is to bring back a man called Fredrick Niland, back to his parents because of the new War Department's Sole Survivor Policy. The director of this film actually filmed it in the real places of where the war happened. ...read more.


Scene 1-this is when the flash back from the modern graveyards scene to the battle scene occurred. They used tracking shots when the man was walking down the graveyard which shows the emotion he was going through. A low angle shot when filming the flags hanging up above the building. Then there's the medium close up shot when the man was kneeing in front of the grave stone, nearly in tears (by using the extreme close up shot). There are different types of sound which the director used as well. For example, synchronous sound, when the waves were gradually increasing for the tension) and also there were soldiers vomiting on the tank to show fears. ...read more.


But the sound was muted after the explosion but then became louder and louder after the slow motion of Captain's Miller's because the battle had to continue. Scene 4- the end of battle. A long shot of the beach where there were dead bodies lying on the beach with all the equipments they carried lying on the sand and with the gentle music to end the battle. Peace. The opening scene to me was a bit hard for me to analyse well and fully. But I did find it very realistic and real. It's definitely one of the best films I've seen so far. I loved it because Steven Spielberg did a really good job at portraying WWII, which is something I've never learnt before but this film gave me a slight idea of what it was like. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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