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Saving Privite Ryan

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Saving Private Ryan It was June 6th, the worst, most unforgettable day of my life. I still remember it like it was yesterday. The waves crashed fiercely on to the surface of the big, wooden boat, rocking it from side to side. I was sat inside the boat like a tin of sardines, packed in tightly with the other soldiers. The murky, filthy sea water splashing in each time. I felt sick with fear, the other soldiers were literally being sick, the smell of it made me want to vomit. I stood there as still as a statue in my heavy, covered uniform, thinking about going home. The stench of my clothes fogged up the surrounding atmosphere. It felt heavy and wet, making me feel even more miserable. It was like I was locked in a prison cell. I wondered where I would be in the next five seconds and rubbed the damp mess of tears and sweat of my face with my shaky hands. ...read more.


I looked down at the water it was a gloomy crimson colour, I could sense the bullets smashing through the icy water. One of the bullets hit directly a soldier's leg and his blood sprayed over my dank uniform. I touched my soggy face again with my filthy hands and looked at them, they were covered in blood. I looked around trying to find someone I knew, but my heavy, itchy uniform kept pulling me down. I tried to pull myself up. My whole body was shattered and exhausted. I looked up and saw someone very familiar. I swam closer, swimming fiercely like a shark with all the strength I had in me. I swam towards the shore, and I couldn't believe who I saw. It was my best friend. He had always been there for me and that day I couldn't do anything for him. He was covered with blood. I pulled him towards me, I could still hear him breathing but then a bullet ripped through his body, crimson blood flowed out and mixed in with the sea water. ...read more.


It was so magnificent. I sat with my eyes on the beach and couldn't look away it was horrible. The bodies of the soldiers were littered on the beach. The sand and the sea was scarlet, with the blood of my soldiers. I could smell the blood, I could see the blood, and it was horrifying. I peeked to see if it was safe for me to come out. Then I saw some barricades that were close to me and I swam from one barricade to another stopping each time to see if it was safe for me to move on. By the time I got to the last barricade I felt as if I couldn't move on more. I felt so tired, but then I saw a big wave coming in, I tried to swim away but I couldn't. Next thing I knew, I was on a beach, laying next to my soldiers, I felt so peaceful. I saw my life flash upon me and sadly closed my eyes still thinking why I couldn't be the hero of the country... ?? ?? ?? ?? Sabiha Shorif 11.2 ...read more.

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