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Secrets. His mum dropped her gun, Ben sat at the table, his mum came over and sat next to him, they started talking,

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Secrets The day had started like any other day, Ben, who was 15, tall and was quite clever. He had been woken by his alarm at 8:00am; he brushed his teeth, had a shower, got dressed for school and went down stairs to get his breakfast. There was a note on the table from his mum saying. 'Gone to work early, your lunch is in the fridge'. Ben did not like when his mum left early because it meant he had to walk to school. Ben left his house to go to school, on the way he saw a wallet, it was just lying on the floor. Ben, who was in no particular rush to get to school, had a look in the wallet. It had credit cards, about �10 cash, but what really interested Ben was the ticket in the front pocket. It was a ticket to get into a secret organization called 'scarz'. Ben was curious about this secret organization. Ben looked at his watch and saw that it was 9:15. He was late for school, so he decided that he would have the day of school, there was nothing-important happening so it would not really matter. ...read more.


What was she doing in a place like this? Ben kept watching. The people were getting louder and started shouting at each other, Ben knew they were getting annoyed by the subject, until suddenly the back door swung open and a man jumped in and started shooting everyone, Ben was terrified. He didn't want his mum to die, he tried to open the door to save her, but it was locked there was nothing he could do. Ben looked back through the gap in the door and saw his mum was still alive and was talking to the man who shot everyone. Ben was horrified, his mum knew this man. Ben looked at the floor, there were blood and dead bodies everywhere, but there was one man on the floor, he seemed to still be alive, bens mum saw this man and pulled out a gun, she aimed it at his head, the man was screaming mercy, he was helpless, totally defenceless, his mums finger slowly pulled back on the trigger and bang, the guy was dead on the floor with a bullet through his head. Ben slowly looked at his mum, his mum still had no idea Ben was witnessing all of this. ...read more.


His mum suddenly jumped back and pulled out her gun. Ben dropped his knife, put his hands in the air and started crying more than ever. His mum dropped her gun, Ben sat at the table, his mum came over and sat next to him, they started talking, and his mum explained everything to him. It turned she was a paid assassin. It was her job to kill people and be paid for it. The other man was her killer partner. She had had this job all her life, she kept it a secret from Ben all his life, and they talked about it for hours. The time was now midnight. Ben and his mum were still talking, until suddenly the front door was banged down, about five police offices jumped in, bens mum grabbed to guns she had on her, she rolled sideways and shot 5 bullets killing four policemen. The other one was on the ground and was wounded badly, Ben picked up his mums gun, which she had dropped earlier, aimed it at the policeman's head and pulled the trigger. He killed him. Ben heard his mum say, "there's a job coming up in Rio, will you help me". Ben thought for a second and then said, "of course mum, I would love to". ...read more.

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