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SELF-REALIZATION Sam knew there was trouble as soon as Mr Thomas closed the door. Sam had never intended to let the incident turn out the way it did. He wished every waking moment that he had walked straight down the road instead of taking that dreadful shortcut that drastically changed his life. That day, Sam started the day hoping it would just be an ordinary, boring school day: his wishes were obviously ignored. The school day passed by with uneventful minutes as he tried to ignore the threats and harsh sentences spitefully directed at him. He felt like the clock was taunting him as he could swear the hands were purposely moving leisurely to prolong the torturous day. Sam Newly was always a prize target of bullies as he never had any friends and usually wore dirty, second-hand clothes that the bullies used as ammunition for endless insults. The bell finally rang, with it came its horrendous echo that pierced Sam's mind. Even though he heard the bell ring, it did not register what it actually signified. It was not until after the whole class had stampeded out of the classroom that Mr. Thomas, the head teacher, realized that Sam was still sitting at his desk. Mr. Thomas got up off his heavily imprinted chair, gently put his hand on Sam's shoulder, and politely told him that it was okay to leave the classroom. Sam, though still dazed, got up and edged silently out wearing his same old default, vacant expression. He reached the path that passed through the park and saw a man walking towards him. At first, Sam did not acknowledge the man, but something made his spine shiver with an enigmatic force. He looked at the stranger. Sam stopped abruptly. He realised it was Mr. Narrats. There were many rumours and accusations about his supposed criminal record in which he was named as a sex offender. ...read more.


His quick-launch attack was somehow countered by Billy's arm smacking the plank exactly in the middle making the plank shatter in two. Before Sam had any chance to run or deliver a punch, Billy thrust the handle of his knife into Sam's face with such force that it caused Billy's nose to spew out blood and probable resulting in a broken nose. Sam dropped to the floor clutching his face to try to stop the massive amount of pain he was in. Blood covered his face impairing his vision as all he could see was an onslaught of red blood. He tried honing his hearing to sense where and when Billy would strike next. This proved nearly impossible as within seconds Billy had landed a powerful kick to Sam's back sending him into damp cardboard boxes. Billy sniggered mechanically thus throwing Sam into a state of frenzy as he shot up and ran towards the hauntingly continuous laughter and with an almighty surge of power, Sam flung himself into Billy slamming them both into the alley wall. Sam's forehead collided with Billy's chin sounding off a loud chime as Billy's teeth were jarred together and releasing Billy's blood onto Sam. Billy let out a reluctant moan as a result from Sam's forceful encounter and violently pushed Sam to the floor. Sam smiled a bit as he felt proud as he had inflicted pain upon him. Billy caught a glance of his sudden gleeful manifestation, pulled Sam up from beneath him and immediately shot him back down with a blow to his temple again using the handle of his knife. Massive shockwaves of pain pierced every inch of Sam's head as he writhed on the floor, grimacing and squeezing his eyes tightly to try and wear the pain away. Disappointed at how easily Sam was hurt and damaged, Billy scowled at Sam and he raised his fist again to deliver yet another fatal blow. ...read more.


us that they have found the charred remains of what they believe to be a recently burned school jacket featuring the schools logo dumped just metres away from the body... ". Her bottom lip began to quiver as she tried to fight off the questions forming within her mind. She ran to the window and stared on down the street wishing that her son had no involvement with the crime. A single tear ran down her cheek showing that she actually did love her son. Sam sat down in his Geography class after two unusually quick lessons. He took out his scruffy essay and was eager to get the day over. The classroom buzzed with excitement at the sight of no teacher. People started making paper aeroplanes and launching them around the classroom. The girls got up and wrote on the blackboard stating which boys they were 'in love' with now. Some even sat there talking on their cell phones. Sam however, he sat in his seat looking around at his peers and how seemingly unaware they were of what Sam had done or even of his existence. The entire classroom fell silent when the geography teacher walked in with a stern look fixed upon his face. He looked directly at Sam and told the class to attend early break. Sam was about to pick his bag up when the teacher told him to sit back down. The class all taunted Sam as they left the classroom as they all knew he was about to be in some sort of trouble. Sam sat there thinking about his inevitable fate as he rubbed the sweat off him palms into his trouser leg. The teacher walked out of the classroom and Mr. Thomas and two other smartly dressed adults walked in who were conversing in undertones. Sam's breathing patterns quickly intensified as Mr. Thomas held a half charred blazer with the initials 'S.N' stitched onto it. It was over. Ben Williams 10-1 Word Count - 3748 ...read more.

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