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Separate Worlds

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Separate Worlds "He loves me, he loves me...not." Aimee sighed as she lay back on the soft grass, soaking in the sun. She let her hand trail in the cool water of the pond and felt the daisy stripped of its petals drift away. Again, she sighed and whispered his name... "William Samuel Forrester! Get down here before I am forced to lock you in your room again..." Will groaned and stuffed his face into the pillow, pretending not to hear. "...for a WEEK!" again, he ignored her and within moments she had stormed up the creaking stairs, burst into his cupboard sized room and ripped his blanket off his bed. He turned to face his agitated mother's plump, red face and couldn't help but erupt into a state of giggles as he noticed how similar she was to a flustered ape. "What are you laughing at?" she snapped, straightening her apron and tucking her mass of floury, chestnut brown hair behind her enormous, 'Dumbo' ears. It was useless, he could not stop his laughing fit and clutching his sides, he stumbled down the stairs after her to dinner. "Aimee S�lani Rivers! Come here before you starve!" Aimee awoke with a start and covered her ears, pretending not to hear. "Come to the kitchen NOW!" again, she ignored her and within moments her mother had stormed out of the spotless chrome kitchen into the cosy lounge where Aimee rested. ...read more.


I tried to force it down but there was too much, the tears streamed out uncontrollably and blurred my vision. "Aimee, you know as well as I do what will happen if one of us leaves. We'll disrupt the equilibrium. Everything will fall apart. Nothing good will come of it." Will sounded more like my dad than my boyfriend then, which made me nervously giggle. His dark eyes flashed with anger for a moment, making me instantly regret trying to lighten the mood, but he soon realised I was just trying to be optimistic and smiled back. Dear Diary. They're so stupid! They're ruining my life!! The only way I could have seen him again. Gone. Dad filled in the crack in the wall. My doorway to Will. I could leave my body behind and my spirit would fly to Will. And we would meet at the tree. Our tree. It was destiny, me and Will. I'll find another way. I have to. Xx-Aims-xx Will walked in the snow down the garden path, along the alley way, through the cemetery, past the old church with its low, crumbling walls, into the woods. He wandered along the hidden path to his favourite tree. Slowly, Will removed his left glove and felt the rough bark of the old oak. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in remembering his father's words, 'This tree's special, Will. ...read more.


Why had Aimee stopped coming? She told him she loved him and he hadn't seen her since. "William." His mother had seen him. 'Okay, what's your excuse genius?' "Erm...I was just..." "What's going on William? Why are you so...what made you change? Did I do something wrong? Is it a girl?" Judging by his reaction, she'd got it right. "What's going on William?" she repeated. Will told her everything. The girl, the tree, the parallel universes, everything. What was shocking was that she understood. "William, you have to get over it, I'm sure she has. She's gone, there'll be other girls." So she didn't understand. She had no idea. He gave up. He couldn't make her see why he had to go back. She wouldn't let him. In the end, Will returned to his room and his mother stood by his bed till he fell asleep to make sure he didn't sneak out again. He lay there with his eyes closed, imagined Aimee and prayed. 'God, if you're real. If you can hear me. Let me be with her. I don't care how, just let us be together. Please.' With that, he fell into a deep sleep. His last sleep. "He loves me, he loves me...not." Aimee sighed as she lay back on the soft grass, soaking in the sun. She let her hand trail in the cool water of the pond and felt the daisy stripped of its petals drift away. Again, she sighed and whispered his name. "Tim..." ?? ?? ?? ?? Grace Lai Creative Writing Coursework - 1 - ...read more.

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