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Shakespeare uses many methods to create moods and atmosphere especially at the start of this scene Act1 Scene 3.

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Romeo and Juliet Coursework Romeo and Juliet is a play set in Verona where two families live and feud: the Montague and the Capulet. The two families have been feuding for as long as any of them can remember. Romeo who is a Montague falls for a Capulet by the name of Juliet, these two star crossed lovers are torn due to the hatred of the families for each other and the love for each other, so they have to have a relationship in secret. But al this eventually ends I tragedy, which is what this play is a tragedy and it fits into this genre in many ways like the way people die, and how Romeo and Juliet both commit suicide after believing the other half of their relationship is dead. The general theme of this play is a love/hate relationship due to the hatred of the families and the love for one another of Romeo and Juliet. ...read more.


Shakespeare wedges this scene between two romantic scenes, he does this to make it more interesting, to change the pace of the play and to give the audience a break. Act 2 Scene 3 is romantic at first when Juliet is lying on her bed dreaming about Romeo but when she finds out about Tybalts death by Romeo it changes the mood for the scene. This is a pivotal scene in the play and it links to previous events in the play through the family feud, previous public brawls and the Princes warning. When the Capulet show up in the public place they are looking for a fight due to the hatred the families have for each other. "Mercutio thou consortest with Romeo" this means that Tybalt is looking for Romeo only and wants to duel. There have been previous public brawls and we know this due to Benvolio's phrase that if we meet we shall not scape a brawl. ...read more.


The plot development in this scene is used to create suspense in many ways like the repetition of the phrase a plague on both your houses that makes it look like something bad is going to happen. Overall this scene affects the audience in many ways by creating tension, making them wonder and making them shocked, It is a turning point in the play since so many people die it sets the mood for the rest of the play and due to Romeo being banished it adds more tension and suspense. The word of the Prince at the end of the scene interest the audience by changing the pace of the play, making it more exciting and adding more and more tension. I think this is an interesting scene and more exciting than the last scenes since it is full of death and a mood that would be seen in action films. This is a pivotal scene so it is made good and I think it's the best scene in the play. Charlie Flood ...read more.

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