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shcool project proposal

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School Project Proposal Background Orient Airlines provides finding for project to improve the aspect of the society each year. It has gained a lot of favourable publicity in recent years. In this year, the company has chosen the education field to focus on. Our college was gratitude being involved in this project. Miss Winnie Fong, whose ambition is to return for the college. We are going to set up an extra-curricular programme called 'Beyond the Classroom', in order to offer our current students a chance to be guided forwards a more balanced approach to life, and to develop students' social and recreational skills. It is not focused on academic result but aimed at developing new interests among the students. Except the funding, Orient Airlines is willing to provide extra equipment, including furniture and fittings. Our school will be responsible for purchasing other materials needed. ...read more.


They are supportive. They suggested the types of activities of the project should be basically decided by the students. Also, they supports that it should not include additional language tuition to become too academic. Expert Opinions From Newspapers Articles One of the newspapers articles is from South China Time, 27 June 2003. The article that quoted a research at the University of Coimbra in Portugal has shown that teenagers who participate in extra-curricular activities achieve higher academic results than those who spend all their time studying. Participation in such activities could also lad to a great success rate in university admission and job offer. Another newspapers article from Kowlooon Education Times, 3 February 2003, has reported an international conference hold in Lingnan University. Its main theme was physical and mental conformity of senior secondary school students in Asia. ...read more.


Some teachers have been already attending compulsory IT course. We hope to have other volunteers to run this project, such as parents and their relatives. The school has sent out letters for seeking volunteers. The music activities will finish before eight p.m. to avoid disturbing school neighbourrs. Form 6 students have set up a patrol to protect students' belongings during the project hours. It can also increase their sense of responsibility. A student suggested that the project should charge a small enrolment fee to make more of a commitment to the programme and make the participants be more likely to likely to continue to attend. The fee will be given back to the participants after the have attended all lesson of the programme. Conclusion This project is important to develop students' different skills, such as, creatively, leadership. These elements are as sane important as academic results for students. PTA's support is needed to the project. I hope it will be successful in the near future. Parent-Teacher Association ...read more.

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