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She new what was coming next, and pleaded and reasoned with herself, What have I done wrong to deserve this.

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Victoria Robinson English Coursework: Creative Writing Run The bitter wind whistled and the snow lay on the ground as a few people crept silently to get out of the cold, a hat tumbled its way across the snow encrusted cobbles and it finally lay in the gutter, motionless. There was no bustle of the world passing by, a lack of reversing Lorries and thick cockney accents selling roasted chestnuts or frosty flowers to passers buy. A few warm glows of light appeared from shop windows, although hardly any had attempted to open on this frozen winter's day. Behind the counter of a small backstreet bookshop sat a women deeply engrossed in a novel. As she leant forwards towards her book a few strands of hair fell gently over her face and crept in front of her torte shell rimmed glasses. As the light dimmed into darkness she was oblivious to the passing of time, "Are you going to be reading that book all day Lilly?" Tabs said, but Lilly was unaware and remained motionless. "Ok, well I better be off then, don't stay open too long, we don't want to look like we are begging for custom," She sighed, with no hint of sarcasm, as she wrapped her scarf around her neck, "Well, bye then!". As Tabs moved towards the door she heaved in a last intake of warm air and swept away into the bitter outside. ...read more.


He threw her towards the ground and she curled her back slightly on the floor. "Liar!" He bellowed at the top of his voice and a plate flew towards the ground, narrowly missing her head as she turned away. As the plate smashed on the tiles he let out a frustrated roar and swung his leg back as if to kick a rugby ball; everything went black. Lilly busied herself tidying the desk and began to empty the till. She blinked. The visions of her naked body lying on the soaked bathroom floor motionless re-appeared, the dried cracked blood on the foot that she was so desperately trying to move and could not. She rolled from her side to her back and the broken glass from the shower door pierced into her bruised skin. She whimpered. Reaching as high as her crushed, yellow tinged arm would allow she reached the light switch, and heaved herself upwards to seating with the cord. The tears tumbled passed her mouth and the salt stung the split in her lip. She could remember the trembling that spread through her limbs as the resounding footsteps beat their way towards the bathroom door. The key scraped a turn in the lock and the footsteps paced their way into calm. After a few moments her yellow arm stretched to its full capacity once more and twisted the door knob to release her from her chamber, the room she feared. ...read more.


Her eyes were darting across the page but none of the words were going in, she could feel the blood being pumped through her veins and she could not swallow. He strolled to the counter and placed the book in front of her eyes. Fluidly Lilly scanned the book and clicked a few keys, "That's �5.99 then please." She said routinely, keeping her eyes on the screen. He fumbled in his pocket and then resorted to his wallet and pulled out a crisp ten pound note. As she handed him the change her finger tips brushed his palms. He placed the change in his pocket and headed towards the door, enveloping the lady in his left arm. As he opened the door he turned, "Thanks Lilly." He said and his eyes glinted. As they left the shop Lilly saw under the ladies scarf was a purple bruise on her neck. As they left, she did not hear the tumbling of the cardboard signs in the wind, or even the door click shut, all she could hear was the slamming of the front door, the shouting and the piercing screams. After a few moments had passed Lilly hurried to the door, locked it shut and turned off the lights. Leaning back against the door she allowed herself to slip to the floor. Everything went silent as the words she had just heard echoed in her head and her whole body trembled. The realisation had been confirmed, she could run, but hiding from her memories would be something she would never be able to do. ...read more.

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