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Sherlock Holmes character in the story

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The Hound Of The Baskervilles Essay In this essay I will be writing about Sherlock Holmes character in the story "The Hound Of The Baskervilles". In the first chapter we see how intelligent Sherlock Holmes is, he shows his intelligence through his examination of Dr Mortimer's walking stick, it's as if Holmes is a sleuth. " I would suggest for example that a presentation to a doctor's more likely to come from a hospital than a hunt, and that when the entails C.C. are placed before that hospital the words Charing Cross very naturally suggests themselves." This shows that Holmes is observant as he is intelligent because he worked out from just two initials Dr Mortimer's occupation. But we also see how lazy Holmes is in this chapter he demonstrates this by looking at the silver coffee pot and seeing what Watson was doing instead of turning around and looking at him," Well, Watson, what do you make of it?" said Holmes, "Holmes was sitting to his back to me, and I had given him no sign of my occupation, how did you know what I was doing? I believe you have eyes at the back of your head." said Watson " I have at least, a well-polished, silver-plated coffee-pot in front of me," said Holmes. This shows that Holes is a cleaver, but lazy character. When Holmes first meats Dr Mortimer he shows a little anger towards Mortimer's assumptions," Recognizing, as I do that you are the second height expert in Europe, to the man of precisely scientific mind always apply strongly". ...read more.


I cried - "Homes !" "Come out," said he "and please be careful with the revolver." " In his tweed suit and cloth cap he looked like any other tourist upon the moor" this proves my theory of Holmes being a master of disguise and he blends in the surroundings. Holes also done a bit of digging while he was under cover he found out that Beryl is Stapleton's wife not his sister. That shows that Sherlock Holmes can find good peaces of information while he is spying on people. When Holmes returns to Baskerville Hall he realizes that the painting on the wall of Sir Hugo Baskerville bears a striking resembles to Stapleton, "It is not a brutal countenance ,but it was prim, hard and stern, with a firm-set, thin-lipped mouth and cloudy intolerant eye, I sit like anyone you know? Asked Holmes. "Good heavens"! said Watson. "The face Stapleton sprung out from an canvas," said Holmes. This shows that Holmes is very observant to his surroundings. Holmes behaviour toward his client is appalling he tells Sir Henry to visit Merripity House and attend the party and after to walk across the moor in the dark night to Baskerville Hall, something which he and Watson and Dr Mortimer have forbidden him not to do, but Holmes is reassuring Sir Henry it's safe to do what he knows is not safe to attempted," I wish you to drive to Merripty House," said Holes ,"to walk across the moor?" ...read more.


the hound, "But the next instance Holmes had emptied five barrels of his revolver into the creatures flank, with a last howl of agony it had rolled on it's back". Now the hound was dead they had to see if Sir Henry was all right which he was enough to leave him on his own until they would return so Holmes Watson and Lestrade had to return to Merripit House to find the culprit Stapleton," We must leave you now" Said Holmes, "The rest of our work must be done, and every moment is of importance, we have our case now only need our man". Said Holmes. When they got there they found Beryl was brutally treated. She said Stapleton had escaped and had gone into the Grimpen Mire and he would get out alive out of there and she was right when they went to look for Stapleton they found him dead in a swamp. In conclusion I think the reason why the book "The Hound Of The Baskervilles" is successful as a good novel is because the characters are all most life like each one has it's defects, for example Holmes makes him special of his faults he can't be perfect then none of Arthur Conan Doyle's stories would be interesting. It is also successful how Author Conan Doyle makes the book have a mystery where everyone is a suspect, but you can't put a finger on which one, it's one of those novels which make nearly everyone a suspect except for the main characters have something suspicious about them he keeps the reader guessing. ...read more.

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