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Shoeless Joe By W.P. Kinsella.

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Shoeless Joe By W.P. Kinsella Shoeless Joe by W.P Kinsella is a fascinating book about how dreams come true. Ray Kinsella the main character in this captivating book has a lifetime dream of meeting baseball legend Shoeless Joe Jackson, but theirs only one problem he's dead. Ray spent time with his dad who told stories of a baseball hero in the making, which intrigued Ray for the rest of his life. One day while sitting on his porch a strange voice awoke him from his thoughts. It was a voice of a baseball announcer who left Ray with the following words, "If you build it, he will come." ...read more.


But the magic hadn't appeared for weeks, and Ray started to worry again until the baseball announcer was heard of yet again. "Ease his pain." Ray thought about the second message thoroughly and finally came to the conclusion of easing J.D Salinger's pain. They both finally meet although Salinger thinks that Ray is crazy, but he manages to convince Salinger to take him to a ball game. They both watch the baseball together without much conversation. It was during the 8th inning. A voice awoke Salinger. It was the voice of the mystery announcer. He says, "Go the distance." J.D. told Ray about the voice. Strangely, something appeared on the scoreboard monitor right after. The monitor shows: Moonlight Graham, Chisholm, Minnesota. ...read more.


Ray followed this advice and went on to build a ballpark. After a few days, Joe Jackson came back alive and started to play on Ray's new field. Ray's dream came true. Which is pretty good despite being a farmer in Iowa in the 1960's. Compared to the Natural I would say that this book is a bit more bizarre, they were both out of the ordinary. The Natural for one, because the main character gets killed but still the book continues with the exact same character. In Shoeless Joe were talking about baseball players coming back from the dead and a mysterious baseball announcer. I would say that Malamud and Kinsella both have a love for baseball, but they write their passion for the game in a mysterious way. ...read more.

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