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Shor tStory - A girl named Tara

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Olga Lagowska Mr. Hill English A 16 January 2009 A girl named Tara It was a dark night, darker than a piece of coal. The moon was hiding behind the clouds. It was raining; the drops of rain had a silvery luster. The wind was bending the trees. Only a very few passers-by were on the streets. In the house at the end of the street, was dark. It was the biggest house at the street, even more, the biggest house in the town. The house was built a very long time ago; even the oldest people do not remember that. And in this house in the window was sitting a girl. It looked that she was crying from a longer time. The tears streamed down her face. Tara was a practical girl who did not need many things to live. However the room was almost empty, too empty. There was just needful furniture: a bed and a few bookcases, all from a dark wood. ...read more.


He worked at the town�s hospital but lost his job while drinking alcohol in working hours. He always had a weakness to alcohol and never tried to do something about it. At the beginning he tried to find another job. It was hard because it was a small town and had just one hospital. And from the time he lost his job, things went just worse; especially between him and Tara�s mother. Mother worked at the hospital as a nurse. From the time he lost his job, she had to work really hard to pay the bills and to buy food. The money was a subject of many quarrels. Tara and her mother tried really hard to look as a normal family outside the house. However Tara did not have any closer friends. She could not speak openly with anyone. The girl thought that if anyone would know about a situation at their home, it would be a blame for their family. Tara woke up. She was still sitting in the window of her room. ...read more.


Tara did not drink any alcohol, not even at the parties. So you can imagine what the whole bottle of gin could do to her 17 years old body. She did not know what she was doing. Tara entered the living room again. Her father was sitting there in the same position as before watching the game. The girl took a poker from the fireplace. She was holding it in both hands. It was hard for her to go straight because of the amount of alcohol she drank. She was going to the armchair where he was sitting. It was hard to hold the poker; it was heavy. She was standing few steps away from the armchair. She had to do just few steps more. He was sitting there with the glass in his hand. She could smell the smell of alcohol around him. He did not see her. She raised the poker and she hit him in his head. He dropped the glass and it broke in hundreds pieces. Suddenly he sank to the floor. She was still standing there with the poker in her hands. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lagowska 1 ...read more.

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