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Short story

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Short Story Coursework It had not been long since his parents left for a weekend away and Toby was looking forward to some peace and quiet on his own. He enjoyed his own company and he needed his space to charge his batteries. He had been going through a rough time lately and wanted time to think things through and see what his next plan of action was going to be. Toby and his friend Andrew went on an adventure trip. There were many activities to choose from and they had had an exhilarating time so far. They had been bungee jumping on the first day. He could still feel the adrenaline rush and he promised himself to take this up as a hobby and maybe do it for charity. The rock climbing was hard work. Hoisting himself up the front of a massive rock and making sure he had his footings in properly was very difficult and he had a few near misses where he was sure he would end up dangling from the ropes. He was glad to get to the top and when he finally reached it he was pleasantly surprised at the scenery that greeted him. ...read more.


Without a warning they came to a clearing and a little further down they could see a wide river. Along the bank were staff from the camp waiting for them. They had prepared food and water on tables. As the group came out of the woods, the staff clapped and congratulated them on arriving on time. As they ate and drank the team leader was giving them instructions of canoeing and the safety procedures to follow. They had a little practice on dry land and when he was satisfied that everybody knew what to do they each lowered the canoe into the water. This part of the exercise was nice and boys were ready for some action. They looked forward to the rapids two miles down the river. Toby's canoe was in front of Andrews and they had placed themselves in the middle of the group as they were still novice. Some of the others were well experienced and had been regular attendees of this adventure camp. They knew the drill and offered the others help in building their confidence. Canoeing down the river was very pleasant and Toby's confidence was building up and he was thoroughly enjoying the experience. Andrew however was not so keen because he was worried about the rapids although he was reassured by the others that they were not strong and that is why the group was going to that section of the river. ...read more.


For the first time in years he prayed. He was alive. He looked hard for Andrew's face. He found him with tears streaming down his face but he was smiling. Toby had an awful taste in his mouth. He was throwing up. Paramedics were treating him and when they realized that he had not broken any bones they helped him to sit up gently. It was a while before he could get up and walk. He was drained from all energy and shaken. He still needed to know what had happened. Toby was sent home early and Andrew volunteered to go with him. He was more than happy to leave the place where he witnessed the horror of his worse nightmare. Unfortunately what he had feared would happen to him had happened to his best friend. This was three weeks ago. Two weeks later there was headlines in the national news about a body that was found which had drowned in the same river they were at. The person had been missing for a month and his body was washed up last week. They could not determine the exact time of death and if he had drowned in the river or was dead before he hit the water. Could the squeezing of Toby's foot be a drowning man's last ditch at saving himself? Toby wasn't sure. His eyes were closed tight throughout the experience. Omar El-Taji Miss Reznacova ...read more.

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