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Short Story

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It was a chilly dark night in October. As I walked down Baker Street, The wind howled in the night making close by birch trees dance and swing like evil spirits, and witches dancing around a bubbling cauldron! The rain poured on me like frozen crystals of glass, I shivered and my teeth started to chatter so I bit my tongue to stop them. From a distance, I heard a poor terrified weak cat wailing in the night and imagined the cute little creature hiding beneath a rusty old car. I pulled my white smooth scarf around my neck tighter and quickened my pace, my black shoes went "cling clong" on the cold hard cobblestones that shined with rain. The surrounding street lamps cast a bright orange glow down on the wet cobblestones. ...read more.


I felt an aching cramp building up in my leg, the pain shot through me like a bullet wound that would never heal... As I limped down, the uneasy fear feeling started to creep up on me. I glanced around horrified, the witchy trees seemed to be reaching out to grab with their rotten, dry arms and drag me into there black hold of darkness and keep me as their prisoner for all eternity! Before I knew it, I'd broken out into a flat out sprint down this evil street of fear, hoping to witness someone who could help... I howled into the abandoned night of pain. My voice echoed back to me, it sounded high and unstable. Suddenly everything started to spin around me.... ...read more.


Street lamps flickered as power lines began to die out incapable with the force of nature! CRASH! Bright ultra violet vibrant lightning shot down from the heavens above, illuminating the entire street and blinding my sore tired eyes! All was quiet ...still The rain seized to pour down on my face, the titanic gales ran out of breath, all was silent as if I had been covered and smothered in a black bin bag. The sinful witches died of old age, and everything was placid and peaceful, as quiet as a library. I lay there like a rat in a gutter, but I wasn't in a gutter, I was on cold wet hard cobbles in a pool of blood, rain, and salty tears drowning in fears. I moved my head down, looking at the ruby blood smothering the tough ground lying lifelessly. I looked down at my rough hands; the blood stained my pale, pallid palms... ...read more.

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