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Short story course work - Galaxy wars.

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Matthew wioodhams original writing course work short story course work Galaxy wars Whiles' speeding through the galaxy a noise was herd "Beep, beep, beep." It was the Narvon-computer; it went off to alerting the ship and its passengers that we were coming out of hyperspace. "We're coming out, captain,"52 said. 52 is short for EE52 Assassin Droid. I found it out in my Uncle's junkyard when I was about thirteen. He gave it to me as payment for helping him. It has a flat, disc like head connected to a thin neck extruding out the chest part of its large body. There are two small arms with pincer like hands sticking out a cavity under its head. Above and on each side of its head are two larger arms with a blaster rifle and ion cannon connected to one and a plasma rifle with a laser sight on the other. It has treads for legs. "Mmmm, ok, copy, "I said drowsily. I hated being woken up during a nice dream. So, I got up out of my bed and went to the refresher. I splashed cold water in my face and ran the ultrasound cleaner over my teeth. This is my first hunt. Tracking Dr. Evanza, as he was called, was hard, but I finally found out where he is hiding out. After I was done washing, I got dressed and went into the cockpit. ...read more.


He let out a yell of pain as I shot him in the leg. "You wanna run that by me again, "I said, keeping the weapon pointed steadily at his head. "All right, all right! I'll tell you, "He finally said, "Evanza sent me." I obviously knew why. "Where's he hiding?" "I don't know." I started to pull the trigger. "I don't know, really," he said. "Ok," I said, putting my blaster on stun, "I'll let you go ."I pulled the trigger and he fell limp. I ran back to the ship only to find two smouldering corpses lying ten meters forms the ship.52 was tinkering with the spacecraft. "Greetings, captain, "it said, "Did you find an adequate eating establishment?" "Not only that but I may have found out where our friend likes to eat," I replied, referring to the bar I was just at. "Our friend?" "Evanza," I answered.52 was so literal, I thought; now that's annoying. I heaved a heavy sigh, entered the ship and sank into the pilot's chair. That night, while I was in bed, I thought about tomorrow's objective. I can't go back into the bar without raising any suspicion, I pondered, and 52 can't go in. I need some sort of a disguise. I stayed up for about an hour thinking about my disguise before I drifted off to sleep. ...read more.


"I guess you could borrow my land speeder, "she said a little reluctantly. "Thanks. "The droid and I got into the land speeder and started for town. I decided to go to the ship first to assess the damage. When we got there, it was apparent that it had suffered through a crash. It was also apparent that it needed some major repairs that may take weeks. Great, I thought, I'll be stuck here for a long time. We got into the land speeder and headed for the spaceport to hire someone to tow the craft to a repair shop. We got back to the port and I completed my first objective. Now it was time to search for Evanza. I acquired a cloak and pulled it tight around my face. Then, I took out my picture and asked around for the location of my prey. Just when I thought all hope was lost, a human gave away the needed information. He had been last seen at a dock preparing to take off. I relayed the information to the droid and ran to the specified bay. When I got there, his ship had already activated its repulser lifts and was moving forward. I fired my blaster in vain. It was too late, he was gone and I will be stuck here for a long time. I screwed up my first mission. A few years later and lot of successful hunts later, I received word that Evanza was working as a smuggler for Jabber the Hut. "Then that's where I'm going," I decided. ...read more.

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