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Show how Priestley uses the inspector as a dramatic device, in An inspector calls.

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Show how Priestley uses the inspector as a dramatic device. The title "an inspector calls" gives us an idea of what the story is about. Inspectors are usually associated with crimes so we presume it is about a murder of some sort of mystery. As we read the introduction we get a brief outline of priestlys life ,we find out about his plays and his opinions on politics, schooling and writing .We also find out that Priestley wrote the play in 1944-1946 which was the nearing of the end of the second world war. As he sets the play in 1912 he becomes a type of fortune teller, knowing about the events of the future and he is able to make ironic references though out the play. As we read on further we see the Character list and it is obvious that this story revolves around a family as the majority (four out of seven) ...read more.


This image is rapidly disturbed by a man who walks in with massive authority and a sense of supreme largeness, We are told that this man is an inspector and we immediately question why he is at the house. As Mr Birling tells Edna to show him in the room he also says to give them more lightly, his makes the inspector appear stern and hard. It is said that inspector Goole has a habit of staring hard at the person he's about to address before talking to them, This creates an uneasy atmosphere and the audience become tense. The inspector tells Arthur, Gerald and Eric of a girl's death, this creates even more drama because it shocks the audience and of course makes the audience Wonder what that has to do with them, Arthur asks this question for the audience. When the inspector tells Arthur of her name, Edna Smith, He doesn't seem to know anything about this girl until he explains more about her. ...read more.


without the inspector the audience would have no knowledge of Eva smith/daisy Renton. The inspector spends time with each character prompting and questioning them, resulting in the story unfolding and the audience understanding the play. By the Inspector shocking and surprising the family we are able to see the reactions that they give, this provides facts about the personalities of the characters. This makes the audience relate to them as equals and this means they get even more shocked when the 'truth' is revealed. The fact that the Inspector knows so much about the Birlings is quite surprising as it makes you wonder why he does and gets the audience suspicious, creating drama. The moral that Priestley is trying to get at is that every one is to take responsibility for everyone and not just there selves. He has a belief that society can only develop through co-operation. He narrates these views at the end where he uses the inspectors departing speech to narrate this. Johanne Lorrimer 10Q ...read more.

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