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Show How The First Five Chapters of "Great Expectations" Are an Effective Opening To The Novel.

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Show How The First Five Chapters of "Great Expectations" Are an Effective Opening To The Novel The novel is typical to the Dickens approach, as he has done in "Oliver Twist" and "hard times". This is concerned with poverty crime and social problems. Dickens grew up in the area of the Thames estuary in Gads hill about a mile away from the cooling marshes. This is where the novel "Great Expectations" is set. In the first scene Dickens creates the scene by telling you about where Pips family is buried, in the church next to the cooling marshes about a mile away from anywhere. He tells you how when you look across the marshes it is all dark and grey. ...read more.


The second time the convict and Pip meet they achieve a certain level of communication when Pip bring him the "wittles" and file. Pip thought the convict had a "touch of ague" which is more commonly known a milaria. Pip is thinking this because convict couldn't stop shivering and could only just "keep the neck of the bottle between his teeth" as he was shivering so "violently" he was nearly biting the top of the bottom off. The convict to which replied "I'm much of your opinion boy" meaning that he thinks that it is just Pips opinion if the convict has "ague". The convict also gives the impression that he himself does not have the "ague". ...read more.


These are the only two times the convict has ever felt friendship. Meanwhile the soldiers show no sympathy. It's just the system. Magwitch renewed his friendship with Pip when h left Australia to come and see him. He left Australia to come and see how Pip was getting on after he gave him a lot of money to become a gentleman. By doing this he is risking his life. This friendship was then strengthened when he tells Pip that he is not allowed to return to England and if he were caught he would be sentenced to death. Pip then spends a lot of time trying to smuggle him out of the country and back to Australia. They then get caught but Pip stays with Magwitch through the trial and sentencing, and death. Dickens has written a book about friendship between two totally different people. Daniel Portus 11 E2 Mr Travis ...read more.

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