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Shrek trailer

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Shrek trailer Nazab Azhar I have looked the trailer of "Shrek" the trailer lasted four minutes and nineteen seconds. A trailer is a collection of clips put together from a movie that has not been released. A trailers aim is to attract the customer however not to give the customer the whole storyline. I will be explaining throughout this essay the techniques that the producers of "Shrek" used to attract its target audience. The trailer "Shrek" is about an ogre who is unattractive who falls in love with a princess. The other characters within "Shrek" do not like the ogre because he is scary however he is not scary because he is lovely and has a very nice personality. Eventually the princess has feelings for this ogre and they live happily ever after. There are many characters in the movie "Shrek" for example the ogre which is Shrek himself, Princess Fiona, king, cat and donkey. The target market for "Shrek" was children because the movie "Shrek" is an animation movie. ...read more.


The second technique that the movie "Shrek" used to attract its target market was by having diegetic and non diegetic sound throughout the movie. The diegetic sound occurs when the characters where having a conversation. However the non diegetic sound occurs when the background music was playing. An example of non diegetic sound occurring is at the start of the trailer. This technique is very important and has a major effect on the target market because they will become more interested in the movie if it contains songs. Songs are emotional and entertaining and the target market for "Shrek" loves listening to music. The third technique that the movie "Shrek" used to attract its target market is by having Justin Timberlake as a spokesperson within the film. Using popular celebrities to attract a larger target market is an exceptional technique because some customers will be drawn to the "Shrek" movie because they like cartoon. However some customers that do not like animation films will only come to watch the "Shrek" movie because their famous celebrity is participating in the making of the film. ...read more.


This will attract the target market because the "Shrek" movie will be advertised via lots of different media. The type of media that the movie "Shrek" will be advertised in is magazines, television, newspapers, posters, etc. Customers will see the logo and will remember that they need to see the "Shrek" movie. The logo for the movie "Shrek" is unique therefore this is the movies unique selling point. The sixth technique that the movie "Shrek" used to attract its target market is the costume that the characters wear within the "Shrek" movie. The cat is wearing a knight in shining armours uniform this is unique because it is unreal. The technique of using unreal things into movies is exceptional because the target market enjoys watching things that can never occur within real life. However the lighting within the movie "Shrek" changes depending of the time of day therefore this attracts the target market because they are able to adjust to the movie and they will also feel tired when the characters feel tired because of the lighting. ...read more.

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