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Sipho joined a gang the Imprisoned hoping that he could learn how to protect himself from George and his group of bullies

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Sipho the mistreated English Essay He was scared. The threat was real, very real, but this was the first time he?d been in danger. I can see him even now. George, the big fat aggressive lout, the school bully. Accompanied by four partners, he preyed on weaker students, abusing his strength with aggression, building his ego on the shattered remains of his victims. For months I watched him and his cronies pick on him, separating him from his friends and beating him up and taking his money that he needed for the taxi. ...read more.


It all started a few years back when George and his parents ran out of petrol near the squatter camp where Sipho lived, George?s father asked for directions to the nearest petrol station and Sipho didn?t know, how could he know? His family didn?t own a car. Ever since that day George has had a ginormous grudge on Sipho because George ended up waiting thirty minutes for help to arrive. It seemed rather stupid, hating someone over a lack of knowledge. But it doesn?t matter any more because later that year Sipho joined a gang the ? Imprisoned? hoping that he could learn how to protect himself from George and his group of bullies, but he was wrong. ...read more.


He died instantly and the Gang disposed of his poor body. There lay Sipho, dead, on the walkway of one of Soweto?s busiest roads. Soon to be recovered by the Soweto police and given to his family for the burial. It sad how one day, one moment, one decision, can change a life, or in this case end a life. The bully George did not see that tantalizing Sipho would lead to his death, to him it was just lunch money, but he doesn?t know that Sipho would go without food and transport without it. All Sipho wanted was to learn how to fight back and that got him murdered. If only George knew that Sipho?s death was a consequence of his mistreatment. By: Sheldon Hamilton 9K ...read more.

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