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So Many Questions

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So Many Questions Here I was again, watching the activities of number 15, Hazelnut Gardens. How can I sit here knowing there is another one of me inside that house? She does not even know I exist. The clouds clapped with thunder and the front door was now starting to fade as the mist and rain covered the car windows. The heating was not working fast enough to clear the windscreen of my ancient, outdated car so I resolved that tonight was not the night. While driving home I found it hard to get over the fact that I hadn't achieved my life objective. Where was I to go from here? I had called her many times before but hearing her voice filled me with panic, my life would be over if she rejects me, there would be no one here. Night after night through any weather I would sit and watch any sudden activities coming from the house. Driving home through the hard bullets of rain was a struggle. I was trying to plan out my next essay, if I didn't pass this one then my outgoing battle through out the year to secure my degree would be wasted. However, there was more to my life than education. Life was complicated; difficult to understand. ...read more.


The cars beeped as I sunk into oblivion, the lights passed me in a blur, the road signs were gone, and the atmosphere was black. The loud boom of a lorry brought me back to consciousness, tiredness overcame me. I need to tell her who I am, why should I live my life like this, seeing her every night yet never saying anything. Should I call her? Shall I meet up with her? What do I do? What do I say? So many questions yet no answers appeared. I picked up the phone, shaking, frightened and perturbed. I patiently pressed the immensely small buttons and held the receiver to my face. My heart started pumping hard. The dial up started, it was as if my life machine was suddenly dead. Skipping a few heart beats until she spoke, "Hello," I moved my lips yet no sound was heard. I had run out of battery and the phone was still talking its monstrously pretty voice. "Hello, is anyone there?" The dial up sounded again. She was gone. It was over so quickly, yet it seemed so long. A few words spoken, but there were so many more to say. The most words I'll probably ever hear from her, but I want to hear her again. ...read more.


she blurted out. This was not the answer I was looking for I tried to explain to her that I wanted to be a part of her life but I could tell she didn't want anything to do with me. I was right she had rejected me. My life had crashed. I stood up ready to walk out. "Wait!" she cried " I can't just let you walk out on me again. I do know about you. Of course I do. I found out myself about four years ago. I tried to find you but I had no luck. I am so glad you're here. I look scared because you did scare me. I never knew you looked so much like me. I've finally found the sister I've been wanting" At long last I had found someone. Someone who really did want me in their life not like the foster parents who only looked after me because they felt sorry for me. I had been dragged from the crash; rescued. My wounds had healed all at once. My energy was pumped back into me. I finally had the answers I was looking for. Here I am again. Watching the activities of number 15, Hazelnut Gardens. However, this time I'm watching from the inside. Inside the warm, comfortable living room. So this is what a real family feels like I thought. There were no more questions. They had all been answered. My mind was at peace. ...read more.

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