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Sometimes I think about how my life would be if I had given up in that moment, if my fear had overcome me.

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Viorica Malai Viorica Malai Instructor: Lindsey Byron English 1101 May 22nd, 2010 Secret To My Success It was a brisk humid sunny day in the heart of April when I found myself rushing to my class. The narrow street was invaded with people that were moving in all directions. The wall along the street was covered with lots of colorful posters that seemed endless to me. But suddenly one of them got my attention – it was about a summer job in USA. As I was holding it in my hands, I was thinking about this opportunity. The thought of living outside my country was giving me shivers. It was an excitement blended with fear that was never visible to the eye but sharply felt in the heart. Afterward I asked myself: “ why not?” I have never had the opportunity to take big decisions like that. I was a naïve young girl that wanted to try and see new exciting things. If I only knew that decision will change my life forever… I asked my friends if they wanted to join me, they all said yes. As the final date was approaching they all refused. I wondered why they did that. ...read more.


After an eleven hours flight we were best friends. I know, you?re thinking how can one become best friends in eleven hours. The simple fact is that we had many things in common and felt connected right away. She had the same destination as me, Atlanta, and was alone too. We were from the same city, had a similar childhood and now we were about to face a new life. Her name was Anna. I felt a big relief because I wasn?t alone anymore. Another common thing was our braveness. The braveness that come after many sleepless nights and fights with our own thoughts and debates. So we decided to stick together and support each other, be there in the good and bad moments. Now I had a friend and felt more confident and secure as never before. From being a princess at home, I turned out being a full responsible adult in less than a month. Anna and I set some goals for our future, and we promised each other to stay focused and work hard for our goals. Eventually Anna and I found a job. It gave us more confidence and assurance. We were so focused and eager to save some money that for the next couple of months we were working six days a week, morning till evening. ...read more.


Thus, I strongly believe that one should never give up. In those hard moments we were supporting each other. She stand next to me when I needed a shoulder, I was behind her when she needed a push to get through the tuff time. Sometimes I think about how my life would be if I had given up in that moment, if my fear had overcome me. I am still in touch with my friends from home and they now admire me for the things I?ve done and the opportunities I took. I didn?t have to make a lot of sacrifices to reach my goals, but I had to learn to live with my duties and responsibilities. Every step that I made and every right decision I took got me closer to my big dream. These accomplishments made me feel stronger, more self-confident and the most important gave me a piece of mind. First we have to make sure that our goal is achievable and practical then just go for it no matter how difficult it is and we will never lose our passion and will always turn back. However I kept going because I was holding on to my dream- there is some good in the world that is worth fighting for. Always be open to new opportunities and never give up ? this always was the secret to my success. ...read more.

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