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'Sparkleshark': How do the characters arrive on the roof and what do their entrances say about them?'

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'How do the characters arrive on the roof and what do their entrances say about them?' The play 'Sparkleshark', by Phillip Ridley, is about a group of kids and the different relationships between them. During the play, the characters overcome their prejudices & stereotypes, and develop their identity as a group, ending up as friends. This shows that people can look past the stereotypes, and see people for who they really are. During this essay, I'm going to study closely the entrance of Jake & Natasha to explore their characters. The first character to arrive on the roof is Jake. We can tell that Jake is a bit of a 'geek' from the way that the stage directions describe the way he looks. He has the appearance of a stereotypical 'geek', 'his hair is neatly cut ', his uniform is 'neat & tidy', but his glasses with 'the left lens cracked and the bridge held ...read more.


'You can't just stroll up here & start reading things willy-nilly', 'This is my place! Go away!'. The second character's entrance I will study is Natasha's. When Natasha enters onto the roof, the stage directions describe how she looks. She is wearing the same uniform as Polly, but Natasha's 'skirt is much shorter', her 'shirt is bright pink & unbuttoned to reveal some cleavage', and she's wearing stilettos. The way she is dressed, suggests that she craves attention, and dresses this way to get people to notice her. It also seems like it is a mask for her to hide behind, like her way of keeping people at arms length, so they don't know the real her, or what she really feels. Her actions in her entering scene tell us a lot about what her personality is like. ...read more.


The way Jake acts in this scene gives the impression that Natasha intimidates him because throughout the conversation between Polly and her, he doesn't say a word. But, when he does talk to her, it's like he idolises her, 'And no matter what style it always looked...oh, so perfect.' He sounds almost infatuated by her hairstyle because he goes into so much detail about the way he admired it and how different it is once it had been cut, '...it's like you've lost part of you'. As the play goes on, the characters personalities change a great deal, and linking back to the introduction, they rise above the stereotypes and they see each other in a new light. Some of the roles reverse, for example, Jake becomes the leader of the group, the centre of attention. And Natasha is quite happy to sit back as if she doesn't need the attention anymore. On the whole, this play teaches a valuable lesson, to not judge a book by its cover Laura Paterson 11CY ...read more.

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