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Speech on the role of the Witches in Macbeth

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´╗┐Speech What Aaron believes to be the main role of the witches: The main role of the witches is to act as a catalyst and furthermore cause the downfall of Macbeth What Ed believes to the main role of the witches: The main role of the witches is to be a symbolic representation of the darkness inside every human Speaking Order ED AARON 1. Ed provides background information on Macbeth, then introduces both Aaron?s and Ed?s ?roles?. Now, here we are friends, you are all friends, we?ve known each other for quite some while now. I would like to ask you a question, with nothing more than an honest reply to yourselves. Have you ever, been so mad at one of your friends, that you felt like hitting them? Why friends- Have you ever felt like going up to a person whim you dislike and knocking them out? I certainly have, would you if you wanted something so badly, achieve it through unfair means? There is darkness present in each and every one of us. The English playwright William Shakespeare in his play Macbeth has explored exactly this, the dark side of human nature he has gone further and presented to his audience the dire consequences of circumming to that evil submerged deep inside us. Macbeth, one of the bloodiest plays of all time, is written by no other than the previously mentioned literary master, William Shakespeare, with the intention of making his audience squirm and make them think about the Satan within them. ...read more.


Although, we find Macbeth wrestling with his subconscious, but is in the end spurred on by his wife?s words and the prophecies. Further into the play, even though Macbeth?s demise is rather apparent, he seeks out the weird sisters trying to find something that says he?ll come out on top. He finds them in their hobble near Forres where he and Banquo first came across them. He finds them standing around the cauldron. In this scene it is made very apparent that the weird sisters are indeed withes, fitting every description known to the audience and the character Macbeth. Each witch is chanting incantations while throwing in various ingredients into the cauldron. Macbeth finds himself in a position seeking the help of the weird sisters, although they have never actually actively done anything in his world sphere except deliver prophesies, he believes that they?ll help him, this is made evident in the dialogue between him and the witches (act 4, scene 1 ? lines 48 - 61) Even after the apparitions and final prophesies that spell out Macbeth?s downfall he clings to the final one witch states he shall be killed by no-one of woman born and tries to prove the prophesies of defeat wrong. Again, the witches do nothing to compel him to do anything, but now his ego takes these words, ignores the obvious around him and believes that they mean him good and as such acts upon the words spoken to him. 1. ...read more.


The mystery comes from every encounter with the witches, ambiguous prophesies, odd weather phenomenon. Given Macbeth?s encounters the audience is made aware and weary of the prophesies, especially after the announcement of Malcolm?s eventual ascension to the throne, they know what it will entail for Macbeth to become king, and as such, begin to dislike the weird sisters, if they haven?t already. 1. Aaron relates the witches to a theme In the play, the witches are referred to as the weird sisters, and the word ?weird? is derived from the old English ?wyrd?, which means fate. In society then and even now, people are obsessed with controlling the outcome of their lives, and seek anyway possible to change their fate, whether that being in the natural and supernatural. Now upon hearing these supernatural prophesies, his mind and body are spurred in the natural to change his, already favorable, fate trying to further his wealth and title, thus fuelling his greed and ambition; the flaw in his person. 1. Aaron concludes the speech by ?tying together the loose ends? or bringing together both roles In the play Macbeth, the role of the witches can be seen as a standard plot device that propels the story, with each word and action of the weird sisters fuelling that of Macbeth?s, but also that the sisters fulfill a more philosophical role, that the audience can analyze their own thoughts and desires, and that the weird sisters, aren?t that weird or different to the seemingly inherit evil thoughts in each persons mind. ...read more.

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