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Statement of Intent

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Statement of Intent This assignment is based on Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Chronicle of a Death Foretold. It is a diary entry which will allow the reader to enter Angela Vicario's head and get a completely different side of the story. This entry also intends to focus on the details of Angela's and Santiago's relationship, since in the book it isn't even made clear whether they are engaged or not. This diary entry explores Angela's feelings of guilt, the motive for her actions, and most of all, her love for Santiago. This is a creative piece of work which was written to fit into the context of the story and to explain things that Garcia Marquez decided not specify in the novella. Dear Diary, The stench entered my nostrils and flowed into my lungs, invading and marking its presence on every inch of my body. There was no escape. The fresh smell of death lingered in the air, reminding me of the best and at the same time worst memories of my life. The musky scent of his body was infinitely replaced with the aroma of guilt. I can recall numerous times where I'd wished he would die. That he would burn in hell and never return. I had fooled myself into believing that his absence might make the eternal pain leave. He's gone, murdered by my own flesh and blood, but the pain still lives. ...read more.


Until one day, when he knew I was alone, he came to speak to me. At first I didn't open the door. He had treated me like a dog. Used me and then discarded me as trash. For weeks I had cried myself to sleep. How could I have lost something so precious as my virginity to such a disrespectful creature? I had given him reason to disrespect me. Yes, I was always aware that the afternoon we spent together probably gave him the wrong impression. It would have given anyone the wrong impression. But that is the thing. To me, he wasn't anyone. And I had hoped that he too had felt the union of our souls. That he had understood that the acts that followed the sound of the door slamming behind him were merely the physical representation of the magical spiritual energy we had just exchanged. I had not expected him to appear at my doorstep the next day with a bouquet of flowers or to serenade me, that would have been very suspicious. All I wanted was a simple hello, and acknowledgement of my existence. A look. The temptation was too great, as my heart pounded in my chest, I tuned the handle, the squeaking of the bolts sending chills down my spine, and looked at the terra cotta floor. I did not dare to look him in the eyes. God knows what effect that might have. I could feel every particle of my body tingling. ...read more.


It was anonymous, so that my parents nor the mailman wouldn't be suspicious. But before I even opened it, I knew who It was from. The paper smelled like him. In the letter, he asked me to wait. Declared his love for me and told me he was going to speak to my family. After all, he was wealthy and I'm sure if he had done things properly my parents would have approved. But he hadn't. I waited and waited. Things changed, and I just kept on hoping. Then, Bayardo came. I thought Santiago would have stopped the engagement. Interrupted the short courtship. Everyone in town knew what was going on. But he never did. That coward never did. I replied to his first letter after I received the music box Santiago sent me, telling him to come and ask for my hand before it was too late. He never even replied. I saw him on the streets with his fianc�. She greeted me. He averted his eyes, refusing to even look at me. He deserved to be killed. He stole all the love I had in my heart. He is the man I love. And the only man I would ever be able to love due to the intensity of my emotions. He stole my heart. I stole his life. If I couldn't have him, then no other woman would. Now I'm drowning in guilt and pleasure. Choked by sorrow, blinded by the tears. We're leaving for Manaure soon. I must go and help pack. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 000431 204 Le Grand ...read more.

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