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Steroids In Baseball

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Steroids in Baseball The problem of steroid use has been a continuing issue for Major League Baseball since the mid 90's and has become bigger than ever in recent years. With players like David Wells estimating that between 25 to 40 percent of MLB players are "juiced" or Jose Canseco stating that as many as 85 percent of MLB players use steroids, it's apparent that it is time for something to be done. Using steroids is cheating, and with this many players cheating, one has to think that either the rules are not strict enough or the league owners just don't care. The MLB needs to make a harsh change in the rules regarding steroid use. The abundance of banned substances being used is embarrassing the sport, is making it extremely unfair for players who choose not to cheat, and is portraying the message that it is acceptable to break the rules. ...read more.


With over a hundred more players accused of using steroids over the last decade and very few suspensions, the league needs to realize that their current steroid policy is not effective. Not only does the amount of cheating embarrass the league, it also makes it extremely unfair for players who are not using banned substances. Unfair because it is allowing cheaters to have an edge on the hard working athletes who train and practice to improve their game and unfair that these rule-obeying athletes have to deal with baseball's new stereotype that the majority of players are taking steroids. After Alex Rodriguez, the latest and perhaps greatest player to admit to using steroids, players like David Ortiz have spoken out about their opinions of the league's rules. Ortiz suggests that every player should be tested three or four times a year, first offenders receiving a season's ban and a lifetime ban on the second offense. ...read more.


There are millions of children who idolize their favorite baseball players and dream of growing up to play major league baseball. For every all-star player involved in steroid controversy, there's hundreds of thousands of child fans who may see steroids as a way to make their dreams come true. Although the MLB has taken big steps in recent years toward cleaning up the game, the rules still need to be harsher. If the owners really want the league to be completely free of steroids then they must change the rules further and finalize the process of removing steroids from baseball. Without harsher rules the league will continue to see these same problems that have embarrassed the sport for a decade, continue to have an unfair league for players following the rules, and most importantly, continue to send the dangerous message that playing well is more important than playing fair. ?? ?? ?? ?? WAXLER 1 ...read more.

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