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stone cold

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At the start of the book, we see Link's reasons for leaving home and see that he had little choice but to make himself homeless. The explanation for him becoming homeless is because of the way his new stepfather Vince treats him and his sister. On one occasion Link had been "locked out of the house" and his grumpy stepfather wouldn't let anyone open the door. These quotes show that his stepfather didn't want Link in the house and Joan was so scared of Vince she never opened the lock. Also Vince was always complaining how Link has been "living on his money" when in fact the money belongs to Joan, Link's mum. The author evidently gives the impression that Vince is a very greedy person when it comes to money and that he doesn't want Carole and Link having a share of it. These are just some of the reasons which made Link leave his home. Furthermore, he had also "tried something" on Carole while Joan was working late. These quotes show the author has purposefully decided to use the word "something" because the ambiguity of this word is far better then him spelling it out for you which this way leaves the readers to decide what unknown horrors could have been committed upon Carole. ...read more.


The reason why he has mostly been said no to is because the way he looks scruffy and doesn't look smart. The reason for Link being homeless does make us readers more sympathetic to homeless people because I believe that every human should have much of a life like everyone else. Moreover it has made me more sympathetic to homeless people because living on the streets of danger and crime can be very scary. Also having to live alone and having no one to talk to and share you feelings with is very depressing. Finally the main reason why we feel sympathetic to homeless people is because they have a lack of money and can't afford to live in house of their own and their last resort is to sleep on the streets. The use of first person narrative means that we see from Links point of view exactly what life is like on the streets. This will give a more genuine picture of how life is like on the streets because Link will give his personal experience. He has expressed his feelings in many ways of how life is like. Firstly, for Link finding a "dry spot" to sleep at night can be very hard especially in the cold winter of London with such a rainy season. ...read more.


This suggested to me that it will be hard to stop being homeless because there are not many caring people in the big world. The person who hates homeless people the most is the mad and bad Shelter. The author makes us readers feel that he is a very cruel person towards homeless people. He has described them as "scruffy blighters." This quote evidently shows that he thinks of homeless people are very dirty and untidy people. He is also a person with a lot of proudness because he doesn't like to be begged for money and every time he does get asked he looks right through them and walks away as they never even existed. In conclusion, Robert Swindells who has written this story, about a kid making himself homeless and learning how to survive on the streets of London. The author has made me feel sympathetic in a way by using first person narratives. This is a very good technique because you can understand their feelings and emotions through them giving their experience about how life is like on the deadly streets of London. That wasn't the only technique he used but I think it is the most effective technique. ?? ?? ?? ?? Assessment 1 English By Gurjeevan Sekhon How does Robert Swindells make you feel sympathetic to the situation that homeless people find themselves in? ...read more.

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