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Stone Cold Authors Craft

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Robert Swindells - STONE COLD Write an analytical response to the opening chapters of Robert Swindells' Stone Cold, with specific reference to the author's craft. Every novel needs an effective opening. If it wasn't any good, we probably wouldn't read the novel! How do authors try and make the opening paragraphs of their books effective? Writers try to hook the reader into reading their book, by making a strong narrative pull; they try to make the reader want to know "what's going to happen next?" so that they read on. They do this with the aid of the author's craft. The authors craft is like a writer's secret code of story telling. It's their nifty gizmo, and they call it their craft. It's basically their way of writing, and it is made up of two main parts; narrative elements and literary devices. Every author has a craft, but they all use it in different ways and in this essay I aim to show how Robert Swindells has used it, in the opening paragraphs of his book, Stone cold. ...read more.


Here it is shown in advance that Shelter is a bit crazy, hence he is talking to himself. This is consequently proved later on in the novel, when the deeply disturbed Shelter, stores his murdered victims' corpses under his floor boards, after making them presentable with clothing and haircuts. He seemed to care for the victims he despised in life, undoubtedly making him a lunatic. In the opening sentences Swindells uses a metaphor, to make the reader want to read on and question: "I'm invisible, see? One of the invisible people". Swindells does this to make the reader question as to why Link would say that, what's going on in his life to make him feel neglected? This makes the reader nosy and want to read on. It's also emotional, because Links manner of saying this kind of touch the heart. He says it as if no one cares about him, and he shows he is upset about it. Once again this makes the reader want to read on to find out why he feels like that, but the answer is revealed truly in the end of the book, when another character called Gail betrays him. ...read more.


"Well get fell in my lucky lads." Here Shelter is referring back to the army, when soldiers fall into line. This also gives a sense of foreshadowing because later on in the novel, the reader discovers that Shelter was actually from the army, and he creates a little a little army of his self with the homeless people or as he call them his "lucky lads". From the opening chapters of Stone Cold, it is clear that even in a little extract of a novel authors use the authors craft quite a lot, and very complexly. The opening of this particular book is very effective and really does make the reader want to read on further in the book. People say that you can't judge a book by its cover and I agree with that. They should judge it by its opening paragraphs. If an author can't write the most important paragraph of a book properly, why would the rest of the novel be any different? Robert Swindells has written a successful novel here, and a lot of that goes onto the fact that he had a great opening paragraph. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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