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strange hapennings

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It was a cold foggy winter evening in late December. There was an uncomfortable lack of warmth, dominated by the biting wind which was blowing from all directions. It was now approaching eight o'clock, but the winter darkness gave a sense of it being much later than this. Blowing fiercely and with great determination, the wind was at war against the tightly closed coach windows, as it tried to break its way in. It was almost as if it wanted to take solace from the bitter weather outside. The force of the breeze battled fiercely against the metallic exterior of the seventy two sweater mighty machine, like two opposing teams embraced in a bitter war. John had been selected to drive the deep red work coach: the interior lingered with a combination of leather and hints of perfume. These aromas clearly told many stories of people who had been passengers on previous occasions. John was of a medium build; his complexion was of a light tone, with very little facial hair. Smartly dressed, at the best of times, his inside thoughts spoke differently because of everything going on in his life. He was not at his best. Suddenly without warning, he felt a weird sensation run through his spine. He had been feeling quite agitated all day and wasn't quite sure why. ...read more.


added Stacey. "Yes! Of course I did Stace, I know the insides of a coach like the back of my hand, the first stage of the plan is falling into place right about now and come to think of it, I had better go as I need to be somewhere round about now. Will call you when it's all done, love you". Mark hung up and was on his way to fulfil the second stage of the plan... John was driving the coach down the constricted lanes; it made a peculiar noise forcing him onto the hard shoulder where the coach grounded to a halt. John saw trees and forests in the far distance. He thought that the only option he had to receive help was to go searching within the gloomy forest. John was frightened and terrified of what he would encounter in the forests, but thought that it was his only chance of coming into contact with a person who could help him. The only sound that could be heard was the crunching of the twigs and leaves under his feet. He looked around in search of anyone that could help him, but somehow he knew that there was not going to be anyone around. The place was deserted. Then suddenly he saw a grey figure in the distance. ...read more.


He looked around and all he saw was white walls, the room was empty and cold. The last place he remembered being was in the forest near a strange figure. He felt a sharp pain in his head; he touched it and noticed he was bleeding. John walked reluctantly, as every muscle in his body ached. He swung the door open noticing a man lying on the floor wounded. To his astonishment, he couldn't believe that it was Mark. He was covered in blood making it impossible to recognise his features; he staggered to him and nudged him to see if he was alive. Then Mark woke up in a state of shock, and grabbed John shouting, "Help, he's in there!" John replied, "Who is?" "The man who brought us here!" said Mark frantically. There was a knife which lay beside him and was covered with blood. He picked it up, opened the door and there was no one. Was Mark lying? What had happened to him? These were all the questions occurring in Johns mind. Then he saw a figure, and blood on the floor leading to it. He cautiously followed the path of blood. This lead to a thin fragile man, he checked if he was alive but he was not. He was dead! Mark was behind him and said "it was me that brought you here, you're such a fool John"... ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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