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Suddenly, I hear something thats coming towards me. Oh, its my old friend killer whale.

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Working in Ghana is vey hard; we just get enough money to eat everyday. I am a young healthy man from Ghana; my life condition is so poor that I cannot even feed my family. Even though I work harder, life condition does not seem to get better. This kind of poor circumstances motivated me to find another place to work on, and now I came to Tianjin to work as a coffee bean farmer. I get paid well working in the farm. ...read more.


The weather was vey nice and I could clearly see the sun shining in the clear blue sky. The only thing I could remember is that I was playing with my family on the seashore. Now, how can I get back to the place where I was playing yesterday? I need something to call anyone for help. No one will believe that I?m in the middle of an ocean, but I need my phone now. It was always in my pocket, but I find nothing now. ...read more.


I can still remember the good time I?ve spent with this. Suddenly, I hear something that?s coming towards me. Oh, it?s my old friend killer whale. He pushes the boat to the shore and tells me that the boat contains aluminum frame inside the tube body. That?s why the boat is so strong that I could use it for many years. From this event, the quality of the boat was proved. I learnt that we have to look for the quality of an object before the design, se we don?t regret on things we buy. I am now back, and I see my wife and child running to me. ...read more.

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