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Summary of the play Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Introduction Romeo and Juliet is play written 400 years ago by the well known William Shakespeare. Although the play was written 400 years ago it's still a very popular play today. Theatre was a very popular form of entertainment during Shakespeare's time (Elizabeth England). Between theatre companies to produce the best and exciting plays. In this essay I will show and explain a short summary of the play, how arranged marriages worked in Shakespeare's time the love between Romeo and Juliet, a character description on Juliet, Lady Capulet, Capulet and nurse to show the dramatic tension which went on, and a conclusion. Characters in the play are as the following o Romeo- a Montague. He is a young man that has falls in love with Juliet and wants to marry her. He ends up sacrificing his life for her. o Lord Montague- Romeo's Father who is a Stubborn and not willing to forgive person. o Lady Montague- Romeo's mother who is a very busy and strict woman. o Mercutio- Good friend of Romeo. o Balthasar- Servant and good friend of Romeo o Benvolio-Friend of Romeo. o Juliet- a Capulet. She is young and falls in love with Romeo and first sight. Believes marriage should be for love. To be with Romeo she fakes her death. o Lord Capulet- Juliet's father who is a strict, harsh and not an understanding person. ...read more.


He promises to send the message to Romeo, but unfortunately he does not receive it on time and upon hearing of her "death" goes to Juliet's tomb. Romeo arrives at the Capulet vault. It is there where he meets Paris who challenges him to a fight but unfortunately is killed. Seeing Juliet lying in the tomb he drinks the poison and dies kissing her lips. Juliet wakes up moments later and sees Romeo dead beside her Friar Lawrence persuades her to run away but does not seem to listen and ends up killing herself with Romeo's dagger. The rest of the town starts to arrive, including Capulet and Montague. Friar Laurence tells them the whole story. The two families share their sorrow, and finally make peace with each other. The second balcony scene in Act 3 scene 5 is known to be dramatic and very important as the atmosphere of this scene contains different moods from both Romeo and Juliet. They say their last goodbyes to each other. Juliet asks if they will ever meet again. She says that she has an image of Romeo dead: "Methinks I see thee, now thou art so low, as one dead in the bottom of a tomb." They say goodbye and Romeo leaves. Romeo answers that, to him, she appear the same way, and that it is only sorrow that makes them both look pale. ...read more.


After hearing Romeo is to be banished from Verona, Romeo is grief-stricken and overcome by his passion. He refuses to listen to reason and threatens to kill himself. Where as Juliet on the other hand displays a progress from an innocent girl to a mature and loyal young woman. Juliet regains control of herself and realizes that her loyalty must be to her husband rather than to Tybalt, her cousin. In the play you see that Lady Capulet and Juliet that there's not much of a relationship, so there's not much love there. She is a flighty, ineffectual mother as you see in Act 1, Scene 3, she dismisses the Nurse, seeking to speak alone with her daughter, but as soon as the Nurse begins to depart, Lady Capulet becomes nervous and calls the Nurse back. These conflicts of these different types of love create a lot of dramatic tension because everyone has different views on the situation between Paris's marriage proposal to Juliet. Yet not everybody will get what they want out of it in the end and some people may end up in hurt and sorrow. Our opinion today of love is very different. People think differently now, their mentality would be different so no one would end up in hurt or sorrow. The opinion of love today is that if you love someone enough you will let them be happy and make their own decisions and stand by them when they need you the most. ?? ?? ?? ?? Neha Raval 10T ...read more.

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