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Summer Dreamscapes

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1,206 words Summer Dreamscapes . That particular morning, I woke early, earlier than my parents, which was quite unusual for summer. I had no idea this would be a small yet very important day in my life. I lied in bed a few moments, sun shining brightly through my metal framed windows, hitting my face, thinking of the beautiful day that waits. I quickly ascended from my queen bed, nearly tripping over the piles of clothes on my grayish-blue floor. I hurried to my bathroom rugs; the painted concrete floor under my feet was chilly, sending a slight layer of goose bumps up my arms. I came to virtually a sudden stop in the middle of my pink and green polka dot painted bathroom after a quick glance out the window. In the greenery out near the multicolored flower garden, sits a small brownish-grey cluster of fur. With a closer look, I could easily tell it is a squirrel. Like a statue, the miniature creature was absolutely tranquil. I stretched my arm up to lay my hand on the glass, still cold from the shadowy night. ...read more.


The table had an astonishing view of the other side of the lake. From there I could see children wearing bright colored floaters and some playing in the sand. In my line if sight, was a small group of people tossing and bouncing around a red, yellow, blue and white beach ball and the sound of laughter in the distance. I start feeling an empty spot in my stomach as my dad prepared the grill. I could smell the charcoal starter mixed with the blackish briquettes as they caught flame. Looking at the lake from my seat, I could see the rainbow waves of heat from the grill, blurring my vision. I hear the burger patties sizzling and the smell of the beef cooking that brought back all the memories of summers before. I reach below my seat and open the lid of the cooler, plunging my hand into the icy water to grab a cold drink. As I pulled my hand out, I gave it a little shake to get the remainder of the melted ice water off. My mother handed me a plate and poured the little triangular nacho cheese potato chips to my plate, they are my favorites. ...read more.


I plunged lower into the darkness as the bubbles I had brought down with me raced to the top. My lungs, empty, began to ache and I knew in a split second I needed to get to the surface for air. I caught my breath at the top of the water and knew I had accomplished one of my own goals and conquered my great fear of heights at the same time. We left the lake late in the evening, just as the sun began to set. I had hit a small, yet huge milestone in my life. I knew I could do anything, no matter how much fear I feel, if I just set my mind to it. I always think back to this important day when I feel frustrated and remember that I am only limited by what I limit myself. Driving away from the pinkish-purple sunset, I take one last look back and see the sun's ornamental reflection on the glassy water and realize what a wonderful experience this day has been. I have the memories of the exciting jump and the vivid picture of the colorful sunset forever in my mind. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Walker Gore High School English Comp I Descriptive essay 10*1*09 Mr.McGoran ...read more.

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